Dr Lylah Ramon Hill, known as the Haute Couture Doctor

HB HEALTH medi-spa in Beauchamp Place, Knightsbridge, owned by the American businesswoman Heather Bird Tchenguiz, is a magnet to the bold and the beautiful and the affiliated doctors and therapists truly walk their talk – not only are they super-qualified but most look like they’ve just stepped out of a 007 movie or off the catwalk themselves. One of the best recognised doctors is Lylah Ramon Hill, known as the Haute Couture Doctor, who takes appointments at HB Health several times per month by special appointment. Exquisitely dressed and impeccably groomed, here Dr Lylah answers a few of City & Beach Magazine’s questions on her lifestyle and the passion she has for her medical practise…

C&B: “How long have you been working with HB Health and how did your name of the Haute Couture doctor come about?”

DL: “I’ve been affiliated with HB Health for a fair few number of years, beginning as a client and I take sessions there several times per month. My passion for couture fashion began as a young girl observing the woman in my family. I understood very early on that couture fashion allows us to make a statement about ourselves and our identity with the use of clothes, enabling us to visually communicate who we are. I love the uniqueness of couture garments and how it gives me the opportunity to construct sculpt and express my identity. This becomes most apparent in busy cities where one only has fleeting moments to present themselves. With this in mind, I began to acknowledge that the principle of my passion for couture fashion became very identifiable within my clinical practise. I believe aesthetic medicine is one of the most ready means through which individuals can make and express visual statements about their identity and so I place importance on bespoke and custom tailored treatments for each individual client, hence the name COUTURE DOCTOR…”

C&B: “What is the profile of your typical client? “

DL: “No client is typical, in fact they are all very individual and are treated with this approach. I would say that one of the things I love most about this field of medicine as opposed to other specialities is that where by the common diseases and protocols for treating patients in general medicine and surgery is fairly typical across the board with of course certain exceptions, in this field of medicine no two patients are ever of the same phenotype or personality, which means the diagnostic and treatment approach is tailored to that individual. There are no exact guidelines to how someone should look in appearance, it is entirely subjective. I love the quote ‘Don’t be pretty like he,r be pretty like you’. Very fitting, and this is what I encourage within my practice…”

C&B “Which are your most popular treatments? “

“The most requested treatments vary amongst different categories of clients, that being age, culture and gender for example. The younger clients are usually seeking procedures aimed toward augmentation and correction where as the more mature clients generally require rejuvenation and regenerative procedures…”

C&B: “Have you had any unusual requests?”

DL: “To answer your question, quite simply, no, because nothing surprises me and neither should it do so. In aesthetic medicine we are continuously able to seek more and more procedures catered towards anything imaginable, which I think is excellent. This certainly fuels my passion for this field of medicine…”

C&B: “What else about can you tell our readers about how aesthetic medicine is evolving?”

DL: “Aesthetic medicine and its continual evolution allows people to ‘live and relive’. It has given men and woman a life of opportunities that a long time ago were unfathomable. We are now also seeing more and more woman dating at much maturer ages, aesthetic medicine has allowed these woman to regenerate and rejuvenate physiologically. Such engagements for older ladies may once have been considered unacceptable or unobtainable. Aesthetic medicine has lifted certain stigmas, it has empowered so many people of male and female gender, sexuality, cultures, ages, does this drive and excite me? Indeed it does.


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HB HEALTH in Knightsbridge, London provides aesthetic services recommended by the S.G.G.

HB Health by designer/presenter Nicky Summer:

“The HB Health medi-spa in Knightsbridge is very convenient for those living and working in central London, tho’ I also have friends who fly in specially from Europe, Dubai and the States for treatments as they like and identify with the doctors and therapists and have an established, trusted relationship with them. Personally, I’ve had my eyebrows microbladed (as in the video below) and had several other ‘beauty enhancement’ therapies over the years – for example, uplifting organic facials and dermaplaning, a painless procedure which gently removes the top layer of facial skin so as to reveal a fresher complexion below. I like to have a very natural look, not overly ‘done’, so I’m aiming for more of a ‘face and body maintenance’ result than anything else. HB Health is really a one-stop-shop – offering their clients everything from minor procedures through to qualified advice on major surgeries. The clientele is very distinguished – major celebrities and royalty – although the staff would obviously be too discreet to mention names themselves… you just have to open Hello! Magazine and they are all in there. I like the comfortable, contemporary, easy vibe – and the fact that they now have one of London’s hairdressing legends housed in the lower ground floor – Naim, who had his own salon on Beauchamp Place for many years until he moved to HB Health – perfect for ‘Ascot’ hair, and beautiful styling for any occasion over the London social season. The spa also holds stock of mineral cosmetics and some of the best organic beauty products such as House Of Life London – all beautifully packaged. I’m going to appear at the London Film Fair shortly in my role as a former 007 girl so it’s important I look the part for the James Bond fans! Popping into HB Health is much like a mini social event and I can’t wait to see everyone again over the summer. Book your appointment soon, or I may grab it!”

Senior therapist Sam Cody at HB Health explains the dermablading procedure:


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