RICHARD MIERS is an acclaimed international garden designer with 25 years’ experience, designing and then organising the building of gardens and landscapes all over the UK and abroad. Richard’s style is classical/contemporary, with paired down simplicity, yet offers a softness in the planting. In our conversation below, Richard answers a few questions about his favourite projects and sources of inspiration…  

C&B: “Out of all your many projects, which has been the most satisfying/fulfilling personally?” 

RM: “Ten years ago I designed and had built a 15 acre garden in Surrey which had open spaces and views, alleys, purposeful vistas and yet many intimate garden rooms around it. I go back four times a year and it really takes my breath away and gives me such a feeling of achievement. I admire the gardeners too as they look after it so well…” 

C&B: “Which tree/plant/flower is your favourite and why?

RM: “Roses are my absolute favourite plant/flower but naming just one would be like choosing a favourite child! My top three are Rosa ‘Desdemona’, Rosa ‘Madame Alfred Carriere’ and Rosa ‘Harlow Carr’…”

Art by Tessa Newcomb; Rosa ‘Desdemona’

C&B: “All of nature is art and, as this is the ART issue of City & Beach Magazine, we must ask: Do you collect art yourself?”  

RM: “Yes. I collect Tessa Newcomb as her primitive realism paintings just ‘speak’ to me. Oh and my father’s work – Christopher Miers landscapes…”

Seascape by Christopher Miers, Richard’s father; a sculpture by Tom Stogdon

C&B: “Which other well known artists have you collaborated with i.e. sculptors or lighting experts?

RM: “I’ve installed a Henry Moore and a Lynn Chadwick in the past, and I also commissioned Tom Stogdon (see above right) to create one of his large scale stone sculptures for a client in the country. I’ve also worked with Sally Storey of LDI (Lighting Design International) on numerous projects…”

Richard at the House & Garden Festival; a reflecting pool designed by Richard Miers

C&B: “Which are your favourite gardening exhibitions and shows, and why?” 

RM: “The Chelsea Flower Show. It’s the greatest flower or horticultural show in the world with such exacting standards and rich and varied history, though I’d love to participate in the Singapore and the Shanghai Flower shows too, which I hear are coming up fast on Chelsea’s heels. Having represented the UK at the Gardening World Cup in Japan a few year ago, I got a taste for the adventure of it all! I love overseas projects as I love to travel, and I enjoy the challenge of a different climate and growing conditions and plants and getting to understand the cultural reference that a gardens means to other cultures…”

A garden designed by Richard Miers; Richard presenting at the House & Garden Festival

The futuristic Zaryadye Park in Moscow; Vokshod Restaurant

C&B: “Do you ever work with luxury hotels or resorts?

RM: “I’m fascinated by how hotels need a good balance of public and private garden spaces and would relish the opportunity to create the garden for a hotel or resort. I’ve just been to Moscow to look at a project and, incidentally, would thoroughly recommend Voskhod restaurant in Zaryadye Park for its newly created landscape and traditional food and view of Red Square…”

C&B: “And lastly, Richard, which is your favourite hotel and/or resort in the world?

RM: “The one that next asks me to design their garden!”


A garden designed by Richard Miers in Kensington, London

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