ONE OCEAN BEAUTY: WHERE NATURE MEETS SCIENCE This new rockstar of skincare is for those who are serious about their health, beauty and general wellbeing. The team behind the new unisex skincare just ‘get’ their audience and only a few months on from launch, the brand already has a huge international celebrity following. The highlight of the range is a cache of light weight, mini-size travel size products – absolutely key for those in the lifestyle industry as they travel the globe, flying from one Fashion Week event to the next. The Marine Mini Travel System includes four items – Purifying Ocean Mist Cleanser, Eye Revival Marine Cream, Revitalizing Sea Serum for evening and Replenishing Deep Sea Moisturiser for day. The collection also includes a bioactive body sculpting marine cream formulated with high performance blue technology and a ‘multi-tasking’ cellulite cream that’s made from a blend of Murumuru and Shea butter, and it’s specifically intended for use before sleeping as the product works with the natural body clock…

One Ocean Beauty operates out of New York, however the ingredients are derived from the coastal waters off Spain and Bermuda – the outer packaging features the closeup of a torrid seascape, reflecting the active marine-based ingredients of the products within. The minimalist white packaging of the full size products, with their bleached ‘driftwood’ cap, looks perfect on any bathroom shelf – city, beach, countryside – and I know because I personally took them with me everywhere I went on a recent trip to Europe, that included Paris, Venezia and London…

Pure and unscented, the lotions and gels are the ultimate in ‘clean beauty’ and appeal to those who want the very best for their skin while also caring about the ecology of our planet – the company works closely alongside OCEANA, the largest global organisation protecting our seas. One Ocean Beauty aims for a holistic result and has created a range of vivid blue vitamin supplements to complement the skincare with ingredients such as Evening Primrose Oil, Pomegranate, Vitamin E and Collagen – one month on from starting to use the products and my skin is glowing… that combined with a recent visit to the beach and I’ve never felt so good! NICKY SUMMER

HIDDEN GEMS: Perhaps it’s something to do with my Viking heritage, but I never like to be away from the ocean for too long. I’m also super-conscious of what I eat – organic fish and salad, mainly – and also what goes into the products I use on my face and body. Every ingredient in the creams and lotions we apply is absorbed directly into the system through the epidermis, therefore some standard brands may actually be doing more harm than good. It’s therefore refreshing and comforting to know the scientific care that goes into producing each exceptional marine-infused-collagen ‘One Ocean Beauty’ product. I actually feel good just looking at the packaging – who doesn’t want a daily reminder of happy times by the sea? Swimming, working out at the gym, walks along the beach in the sunshine, yoga, taking vitamins supplements with a healthy breakfast and using ethical, effective skincare products are what a super-fit and happy entry into the year 20/20 is all about! Thank you, ‘One Ocean Beauty’!” NICKY SUMMER


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