PAUL BARBOSA JR is a private chef who also offers catering services in the Los Angeles area. His client list is like a ‘Who’s Who’ of the world of entertainment, although he’s much too discreet to mention names… however, you only have to take a quick look at his Instagram page to appreciate the profile of those he regularly works for. Paul has always lived in Southern California and home is currently West Hollywood, California. In this Q&A, he talks food, relaxation, inspiration and his super-cool lifestyle…

C&B: “Paul, What do love most about living in your area of LA?”

PB: “West Hollywood has so much to offer – shopping, great restaurants and bars, and all within walking distance; it’s LA, and I hate driving…”

C&B: “What would you say is your favourite part of being a private chef?”

PB: “The best part about my job – and I would say it’s the same with most chefs – is having creative freedom; there’s nothing like having an idea pop into your head in the morning and being able to put that imagined recipe on the plate to serve that evening for dinner…”

C&B: “We’re always inspired by our travels in the USA and the luxury boutique hotels – the architecture and the interiors are amazing… which is your personal favourite hotel here on the West coast, and why?”

PB: “Currently I am obsessed with Ojai Rancho Inn, in Ojai, CA. (image above, right; video below). It’s a small, quaint boutique hotel that’s located only about an hour outside of LA, but it feels like you’re much farther. When I want to recharge I go there and zone out…”

C&B: “Which is your favourite restaurant in L.A., and why?

PB: “Hands down, it’s ‘Bavel’ in Downtown Los Angeles (food image above, left and video below); it’s Mediterranean and serves new takes on classics that still feel familiar. Great date spot, group spot… I’ll even go eat alone; the vibe is always energetic, the staff is very attentive, knowledgable and friendly. Chefs Ori Menashe and Genevieve Gergis run a tight kitchen – which is why it’s always consistent – and that’s hard enough to do normally, let alone in a restaurant as busy as ‘Bavel’…”

C&B: “What’s your favourite drink and your choice of music when you’re relaxing in the evening…?”

PB: “That’s a hard one… for a cocktail, it would be a Daiquiri, for sure – simple and delicious, when done correctly… I even have a daiquiri tattoo! Otherwise, I can drink Radikon, the orange wine, all damn day! It’s bright and it’s funky… Right now I’m listening to ‘Arcade Fire’…”

C&B: “What’s your favourite meal when you dine out?”

PB: “I love a Margherita pizza – simple is always the hardest to do and that’s simplicity at it’s finest…”

C&B: “What do you like to cook for friends when your entertaining at home, and how to you serve it?”

PB: “My ‘go to’ party food would be caviar! First off, it doesn’t have to be expensive, but I would always purchase the best quality I could afford. I check the Russian markets; they usually have some at good prices. As far a vessel for it, I like using a potato chip – just add some crème fraîche, the caviar and then garnish with some finely chopped chives or chervil. It’s super easy to prepare and also gluten-free, so guests can eat loads and not feel bad…”

C&B: “Which grooming products do you use when you go out in the evening with friends?”

PB: “100% Aesop! They use a lot of geranium, which is one my favorite scents and I can also walk to their store from my house; Baxter of California is also always go to for men’s products…”

C&B: “And who would you say is your favourite fashion designer?”

PB: “Im obsessed with Thom Browne which is my style – preppy with an emphasis on tailoring. I probably get all my clothes tailored in some sort…”

C&B: “Thank you, chef Paul – we’re sure you’re cooking up something amazing for your fall themed menus, so we’ll be back in touch as soon as we have more than 6 guests coming to dinner – we could definitely do with your expertise in the kitchen, you rock star!”


*Image above, middle: Paul showcases vegan ‘Impossible Foods’, now available from Gelson’s: @impossible_foods


HIDDEN GEMS: “The words ‘contemporary Californian architecture’ are now associated as much with the award winning designer Paul McClean and his team as they are with his forerunner, Frank Gehry. McClean Design is responsible for the stunning glass and poured concrete home of Calvin Klein which is set high in the Hollywood Hills (see image bottom of page), and also the expansive house AVICCI leased in the beautiful, winding Bird Streets of Los Angeles, along with the design of many other new build properties in the area. Skyline views are synonymous with McClean Design… as are full length, wraparound, infinity pools with seating and fire-pits, white marble kitchens, a vast garage full of top of the range vehicles, a wine-tasting room with fabulous art and massive bedroom suites that look out over the glittering evening landscape below. These are classic ‘Rock Star Retreats’, built for luxurious living, and purchased not only by those in the global entertainment industry, but also tech billionaires and highly successful private individuals with the funds to invest in the home of their dreams…”


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