RAFFI ARSLANIAN is the founder of Thompson Ferrier, a Manhattan based company that creates luxury perfumed decorative candles designed to have a distinct presence in the home. The majority of his client list comprises of a dedicated cult-following of confident women who love to meticulously manage their home decor. Raffi’s success, and that of Thompson Ferrier, is down to a passion for what he does combined with a strong relationship with his customer base, taking customer service to a whole new level. Here he talks about his products, his motivation and the name behind his unique brand…

C&B: “Where or what inspired the name of your brand?”

RA: “I first laid my eyes on my wife in a restaurant called ‘Ferrier’ on Madison Avenue and we finally got together at ‘60 Thompson Hotel’ (image below) for our fist date – our brand today is called ‘Thompson Ferrier’ for that reason…”

C&B: “What draws your clients to your candles and designs?”

RA: ”My customers are first and foremost drawn to the man behind the brand, which is me! I provide the story and the service no matter who is in my office, and the direct contact to my customer is always me, personally. I don’t allow anyone else in my office to connect with my customer because it’s a very individual, close relationship and the customer knows the brand as ‘me’. Therefore, I answer every direct message on Instagram, every single message on facebook and all the queries on my website chat – and this is how I’ve come to know my customer well…”

C&B: “Which are your classic fragrances and what do you have that’s new on in the Thompson Ferrier range?”

RA: ”In the summer, my winning horse is my ‘Elegant Gardenia’ fragrance; during winter, my winning horse is my ‘Pine Eucalyptus’. I’ve just launched ‘Palo Santo’ and ‘Myrrh Redwood’. In addition, I am working on an ‘Orange Blossom’ that I’ve sent samples of to my customers to evaluate; if you follow the ‘Thompson Ferrier’ account on Instagram, all the fragrances have been documented there for clients to see. The candles are available online at Amazon and also in retail stores that I approve…”

C&B: We’re very ‘private residential and luxury boutique hotel design’ focused at City & Beach, so which is your own favourite international hotel, and why? And who is your favourite design inspiration?”

RA: “The Gstaad Palace hotel (seen below) in Gstaad is my favourite hotel; I’ve had the same room for many years and I love the traditional feeling during winter that I get in that hotel; New Year’s Eve is amazing and ‘Gringos’ club is crazy too… On the fashion side, I could go on forever on this topic! I have a fascination with Mary Quant, who was an icon during her time and for obvious reasons, I love Tom Ford. I also truly admire Phillipe Plein these days, mainly for his ability to penetrate the fashion world and actually become something from nothing – but YSL remains my most beloved non living designer; he’s been my idol for years…”



GET THE VIBE: “Bethenny Frankel’s new home in NYC, as seen in Architectural Digest, sums up autumnal chic for me. The cool monochrome scheme incorporates furnishings in deep cream set against a background of grey marble and taupe with chrome detailing. The tablescape is accessorised with a book by designer Tom Ford, onyx and glass objet plus various small diagonal-shaped copper and black ceramic vases. Placed in front of the fire there’s a lucite/Perspex/acrylic trunk that holds birch tree logs. Lucite has a beautifully reflective and functional ‘there-but-not-there’ quality that naturally fits into any colour scheme and you can find other furnishings, such as this table (pictured below), at international interior design supplier Carew Jones in London, England:”




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