Lucy Perfect, artist

LUCY PERFECT is a London- based fine artist who paints portraits, nudes and animals. Always interested in people, anatomically, and what makes individuals who they are, Lucy is driven by a need to understand their thoughts, interests, how they feel about themselves and the world around them. Lucy’s aim is to capture the soul of her subjects, and this is why there’s often a strong emphasis on the eyes, as they are generally considered to be the windows of the soul… Here, Lucy answers a questions from City & Beach Magazine readers on her art and inspirations:  

  • C&B: “Where did you study your craft and which are your favourite subjects?
  • L.P.: “I studied Fine Art at Wimbledon School of Art and also Richmond American International University. I feel a connection with every subject I have ever drawn or painted, however I feel a particularly strong connection when I draw people who’ve had lots of experience in life. I’ve also been honoured to draw and paint loved ones of clients who they have lost; being able to pay tribute to their lives and seeing the reaction is incredibly rewarding…”

  • C&B: “Which materials do you most frequently find yourself using in your work?”
  • L.P.: “I mostly work in pencil, pastels and oil paint…”

  • C&B: “And what’s the typical price range for a portrait?”
  • L.P.: “Pencil portraits start at £500, oil paintings range from £6,000 to £10,000.”

  • C&B: “How do you attract new clients, generally?”
  • L.P.: “Thanks to the testimonials of my clients, my work has mostly been through recommendations. More recently clients have come from meeting people face to face and talking about my work, as well as social media…”

  • C&B:Do you attend art fairs, or exhibit your work anywhere..?
  • L.P.: “I do love going to art fairs and meeting other artists, and I’ve just started to use this platform as a way of showing my work in addition to online. In the past, I’ve displayed my work in galleries – mostly as solo shows – however, I’ve also exhibited alongside other artists too…”

  • C&B: “How do clients order and pay for the portraits?
  • L.P.: “To order, my clients get in touch with me either through my website or Instagram. I then let them know directly what is required in terms of photographs for me to work from. Payment can then either be taken as a 50% deposit, with the remainder on completion, or a deposit of £250 and the remainder in 10 monthly instalments. These terms make it accessible for collectors to curate their own unique gallery of familiar faces over the years…”



Instagram: @lucyperfect


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