NICKY SUMMER: “For the past ten years I’ve been vegetarian and I also adhere to an 80/20 raw diet – this healthy lifestyle keeps my skin in almost perfect condition and it’s therefore a good base for the cosmetics and skincare I endorse. I’ve always been aware the products I use are directly absorbed through the epidermis and into the body, so I’m extremely careful about which products I use and recommend. There are now quite a few vegan, organic, cruelty-free brands at the luxury end of market, which is a fantastic move forward for the industry. Amongst the best are the oils formulated by ‘House Of Life London’, an evidence-based restorative brand I first came across at the HB Health clinic located in Beauchamp Place, London. With my work, I’m constantly travelling – sometimes to a warm climate, at other times freezing cold. At the moment, I’m opening THE OCEAN GALLERIES in Aspen, where the climate is extreme – bitterly cold and frosty outside, baking hot inside with log fires roaring and the heating on full blast. The luxurious oils from House Of Life London keep my skin from drying out, and smoothing them on to my face after a session in the steam room of our lodge feels like a treat. Debbrah Craven, founder of the range, has this to say about her own multiple award winning brand…:”

HOUSE OF LIFE LONDON: TIMELESS AUTHENTIC BEAUTY: Future Proof Your Skin Safely, Simply, Organically

DEBBRAH CRAVEN: “I didn’t realise that skin has such a profound impact on my life, confidence, health and happiness, until I experienced an episode of painful skin rash caused by a sun cream. I couldn’t find an off the shelf solution that protected my happiness, until I experienced an episode of painful skin rash caused by a sun cream. I couldn’t find an off the shelf solution that protected my skin effectively and safely from sunlight while free from toxins, and one that I could trust. This is why I dedicated my two decades of experience in global innovation and transformation into creating my own skincare range. I wanted to create a solution that works, that is evidence based, and that I could 100% trust to be toxins free. With a busy city lifestyle, travelling, sharing time between work, family and social life, I wanted an effective and safe skincare routine  – and one that is also simple and fits with my busy lifestyle…”

HOUSE OF LIFE LONDON: 21st Century Organic Skincare Innovation; A Science Based Ancient Formula Since 1300AD

“The ‘House of Life London’ brand is more than just natural skincare, we deliver science based superior organic skin solutions, using an ancient formula dating back to 1300 AD. This secret  formula found in the Kingdom of Colchis, now known as Goergia, has been proven to heal the skin and wounds on the body, over the generations, for 3000 years. Adding to that, with the latest in modern science, the combination is now tailored to help protect and future proof skin safely from harmful UV sunlight and environmental exposures, therefore suitable for the busy lifestyle of the 21st century. Our organic formula is designed specifically to help enhance cells and extend skin longevity, while protecting against the extremes of the environment and challenging climates. The organic solutions have been clinically proven to reverse the signs of ageing, leaving your skin and you looking and feeling healthier for longer naturally, timelessly…”

Debbrah Craven, founder, House Of Life London: “It’s more than just natural skincare, it is about making a positive change to yourself  and the next generation, to radiate beauty, wellbeing, happiness, confidence and wisdom regardless of age, time, life circumstance or cultural experience – authentically and naturally!”


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