“STROLLING THROUGH JARDIN DU LUXEMBOURG in Paris on my way to do a work out, I was pondering on the new and necessary ‘pavement cafe culture’ that’s evolved over the past summer in London. For all time, Europeans have maximised the use of their outside space, mainly because their weather lends itself to it and their local councils support indoor/outdoor dining. In our current global environmental and health crisis, many guests/clients/customers much prefer to eat and socialise outside on terraces, rooftops and courtyards. Now is the time, as the weather chills but sunshine still reigns, for hoteliers, restaurateurs and bar/cafe/bistro owners in the UK to restyle and transform one of their prime areas. An essential component, which adds vibrancy to the scheme and helps delineate the exact space, is EASIGRASS. This brand of quality artificial grass is a long-lasting material that instantly gives a fresh vibe to an otherwise dull and uninteresting landscape. As you can see from the video clip below, grass provides a beautiful, clean base for sparkling white indoor/outdoor furnishings and canopies…“

WHAT’S GRASS GOT TO DO WITH IT? EASIGRASS provides a service for architects, city planners, property developers, event stylists, garden experts, luxury hoteliers, bar owners, golf club managers and interior designers across the breadth of the UK; rolling out the green carpet every day is a matter of course…”

“My own usage of artificial grass extends to lining my own home with it for an indoor teddy bear’s picnic to celebrate the baby shower of a friend of mine (as seen in the detail below, under a coffee table in my reception room)…”

“The wonderful thing about EASIGRASS is that is can be cut to any dimension and in any shape you like… here in the gardens of Versailles (below) the grass is obviously real, but EASIGRASS could easily recreate it, if necessary, using their versatile artificial lawning…“

“This past summer, social-distancing teddy bears have been a huge hit with hotel, restaurant and cafe guests around the globe. In Paris alone, they’ve been used in the luxury palace hotel Plaza Athenee, to great and humorous effect at Le Choupinet bistro and at various well known cafes including Le Deux Magot. Easigrass has a special branch (excuse the pun) dedicated to producing teddies – and any other animal you can think of – in green… perfect for the upcoming festive season when they can be decorated with ornaments, white fairy lights or snow…”

“If you’d like to know more about EASIGRASS, or receive a quote for your project, then please contact the team via the website address below!”

CONTACT: http://www.easigrass.com

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