ABOVE: Ariana sings ‘JUG OF HEARTS’

ARIANA MENASSA is a superstar in the making… you only have to listen the song she penned herself, ‘Butterfly Love‘ (see video, one down, below) plus a few of the cover versions she has on her own Youtube channel to appreciate her tremendous talent. Coincidentally, she sings a few of our personal favourites including ‘You Are The Reason’ (in the video slider of this online magazine, ‘Jug Of Hearts’ (above) and ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’ (directly below). Beautiful, charming and totally unaffected by the attention she is receiving, Ariana still attends school but is definitely on her way to stardom…”

“I am beyond thrilled and excited to share with the world the first song that I have ever created! ‘BUTTERFLY LOVE’ is such a special song for me, as it marks the beginning of what I hope will be the greatest adventure of my life. It is also dedicated to every boy and girl who had their first heartbreak. You all know what that feels like! Today the time has come to bring all my hard work to fruition. I hope you love the song as much as I do. Your support will mean the world to me, so please make sure to stream it on all platforms, whenever and wherever you can. Hope you enjoy it and thank you so much.” ARIANA MENASSA

ABOVE: Ariana attends a film premiere in central London

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