YEARS AGO, when I was based full time in my home city of London (LA and Paris since then), I used to be a member of a private gym and spa in south west London – happy times, indeed. Every day, I’d be working out there and occasionally this gorgeous vision of a guy would be there too, training really hard in the men’s gym. We got talking amongst friends in the club room one day and someone mentioned in passing that he was appearing in a new reality TV show, ‘Made In Chelsea’ – later to become one of the most popular shows of all time. If you’ve seen it, you’ll know Fredrik Ferrier’s appearances in MIC are amongst the highlights – he’s great looking, charismatic and fun… and he can also sing, which makes the whole package doubly/triply attractive. Oh, and he plays the piano and violin too, so no end to his talents! Since these times when we first met, Fredrik’s career as a singer/songwriter and musician has taken off in a major way and you can stay updated on that amazing progress via his instagram page @fredrikferrier. Below are just a few video clips of Fredrik in full flow, that you can also find on his Youtube channel; his cover versions are spectacular – some are an improvement on the original – and his new album ‘CHANCE’ is due out on 6th November… WATCH THIS MAN GO!” NICKY SUMMER *Photo credit: @cubisphoto

UNPLUGGED: This series is to include profiles on rising stars the Irish singer/songwriter Leni, Sudanese rapper Nadine L’Roubi, Japanese singer/songwriter Alyusha and London cover artists Ariana Menassa and Anya McCall.

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