This month, co-founders Grace D’Arcy Craig and Yasmine Lilly (below, left) launched a website for their brand ‘Label Loft London’ operated from headquarters located in central London, U.K. The two best friends, with a passion and flare for fashion, have always supported new and upcoming fashion brands, steering away from the typical high street store. While brunching and enjoying their ‘essential’ girly eggs benedict and Bellini’s one Saturday afternoon, they discussed how many independent brands go unnoticed; they then had a ‘lightbulb moment‘ and came up with a unique concept to host pop-up events in London’s most sought after venues, where brands can showcase and sell their most recent collections while in a relaxed setting with music provided by DJ’s and cocktails by London’s top mixologists…

Having already recognised their talent for spotting start-up brands – which are now being stocked in worldwide stores and worn by those most influential – that led them to launch Label Loft Online, selling and showcasing independent designers over one platform: From their careers of working alongside independent brands over the past few years, Grace and Yasmine have already built the knowledge of what they feel works as a brand and believe there is a gap in the market for their selection of womenswear within the UK – designs that are classic with an edge…

“We have always loved the idea of slow fashion and finding exclusive pieces to wear ourselves, so, that being said, we combined our diverse personalities, style and vision, creating staple pieces for the modern woman…classic with an edge!” Yasmine Lilly and Grace D’Arcy Craig (above, left)


C&B: “Grace and Yasmine, congratulations on the launch of your website! What do you see being the forthcoming trends for Autumn/Winter 2021?”

G&Y: “Thank you! We’re very excited to present our Summer 2021 collections and for Autumn/Winter our favourite trends – which dominated the AW21 runways – were XXL handbags, duvet coats, big knits, and oversized suits!”

C&B: “Which demographic is your target market?

G&Y: “Our independent brands – Male & Female 21-40 and ‘Label By Label Loft‘ – Female 21-40”

C&B: “Which lifestyle items do you currently stock?

G&Y: “Label Loft stocks a variety of Womenswear, Menswear, Accessories – and Artwork too…”

C&B: “Where can your pieces be purchased?

G&Y: “We host seasonal events, our next event is 18.07.21 at Jin Bo Law Rooftop and our Label can be purchased exclusively via our website:

C&B: “Which are your go-to accessories?”

G&Y: “We love a good sneaker which we can dress up or down, paired witha big chunky clutch  – our perfect combo!”

C&B: “We know you love to travel…which is your favourite city hotel anywhere in the world?”

G&Y: “Soho House New York – we thrive from the ambience and creativity flowing throughout the city…”

C&B: “And your favourite beach resort?”

G&Y: “We love to travel frequently throughout the year and our favourite beach locations are Maldives – Lux South Maldives (above, left); Caribbean – Antigua Carlisle Bay Hotel; Tulum – Casa Malca Hotel (above, right); Mykonos – Anax Resort (above, centre)…”

C&B: “What do you consider to be your travel essentials?”

G&Y: “We love a cowboy hat and a beach bag filled with essential skincare (spf, rosewater and vitamin c) and of course… a good read!” Our two favourite books are ‘Happy Sexy Millionaire’ by Steven Bartlett, and ‘Good Life Good Vibes’ by Vex King – both are life changing!”

C&B: “Which restaurants do you personally recommend in London?”

G&Y: “Our favourite are ‘IT London’ in Mayfair for amazing Italian cuisine a great vibe (below, left); ‘GOLD’ which is a trendy restaurant and late night bar in Notting Hill (below, centre); the one and only ‘ZUMA’ for cocktails & sushi (below, right)…”

C&B: “Which cocktail is your favourite, and where do you like to enjoy it?”

G&Y: “A ‘Moscow Mule’, which is our signature ‘Label Loft’ cocktail at each of our events…”

C&B: “You are both gorgeous – who do you recommend to our readers for beauty maintenance?”

G&Y: “Our ‘go-to’ makeup and hair stylist is a good friend of ours Huda on instagram at”

C&B: “Who most inspires you in life, and why?”

G&Y: “Our mothers are a huge inspiration to us, being so hard working, and they have always taught us about self love. We have them to thank for our ambition and drive and most of all their advice to enjoy every moment of life. Hailey Bieber and Josefine HJ are our favorite inspirations for our wardrobe!”

C&B: “Anything else that readers need to know about you and your brand before checking it out online?”

G&Y: “Supporting a small business such as Loft Label London and shopping independently is an opportunity to come across fresh and still undiscovered fashion brands with the satisfaction that the item purchased is unique to the lucky few; by investing in our independent brands – quality products are key – these items will last longer whilst you are enabling the support of fair treatment of people, animals and the planet while also aiding the advertisement of ethical and sustainable fashion!”

INSTAGRAM: @labelloftlondon

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