One of the most important areas of any residential interior design scheme is the bedroom – after all, that’s where we spend one third of our lives. Investing in quality bedlinen, bed-wear and accessories such as an eye-mask is therefore truly an essential, considering how important a good night’s sleep is to our over all demeanour and general health. The appearance of a beautifully dressed bed is incredibly inviting, which is why luxury hotels and property developers invest in beautiful decor and tend to use images of the bed area amongst the first in their promotional material. Whether you prefer traditional sheets and blankets or a duvet, comfortable sheets are less of a luxury and more of a necessity – here we meet Darshana Ubl, (below, centre) co-founder of ‘MayfairSilk’, a British brand that designs bed linen in London for sale online and is best known for hand-finishing the finest silk pillowcases, silk bedlinen and silk accessories:

C&B: “Darshana, what was your original inspiration behind your brand?”

DU: “The real inspiration behind MayfairSilk was to combine the finest 25 momme silk with modern European design and make it accessible with next-day delivery.  The benefits of sleeping in silk are plentiful and we wanted to share it with the world.  It is naturally thermoregulating which means it keeps you cool when it is hot and warm when it is cold – ensuring you have a comfortable night’s sleep…”

“Also, unlike cotton that absorbs 27 times its weight in water, silk absorbs only 0.7 times its weight in moisture. This is important when it comes to your skin and hair as the natural moisture remains intact providing with you a natural glow (vs. dehydrated or tired looking skin we often wake up with after a night on a cotton pillowcase!). Silk is also highly breathable and an excellent wicking material so you stay dry throughout the night…”

“For me, sleeping in silk has been a ‘no brainer‘; I’ve had long hair since the age of ten years old and I seldom moisturise my skin before going to bed now, as I find the natural moisture of my skin is retained at night when I sleep on MayfairSilk. For years it had been a little secret which one day I decided to share with the world…”

“Our ideal customers are those that seek and appreciate the finest quality – finding pleasure in the simplest of moments…” Darshana Ubl

C&B: “I’m sure you work closely with interior designers; what about other brand collaborations?“

DU: “Yes, the world of interior design is no stranger to us as our silk bed linen and silk cushions add a touch of elegance to any room. We’ve been a part of Decorex – one of UK’s most prominent design and décor exhibitions and we’ve also collaborated with award-winning interior design and construction studios such as ‘Interiors with Art’…our silk has been loved by several interior design companies – it has also been featured in ‘The World of Interiors’ magazine…”

C&B: “What do you see as a forthcoming trend?”

DU: “The trend for 2021 is towards self-care and everyday luxuries; if the lockdowns have taught us anything it’s that our everyday environment is the most important, including how we spend our time – and who we spend it with…”

C&B: “Do you work with any hotels? Which hotels and resorts do you consider to be your favourites?“

DU: “Our favourite hotels are those of the Belmond group which offer unforgettable travel experiences and have numerous luxury hotels across the world (see below); we are currently in discussions with them…”


C&B: “Darshana, socialising and networking ground to a halt during lockdown. Now that we are more free to dine out and meet friends and business contacts, which central London restaurants are your favourites?”

DU: “Here in Mayfair, we are spoilt for choice; however, to name a few, the current favourites are ‘Amazonico‘ (below, left), ‘Coya Mayfair’, ‘Davies and Brook’ at Claridge’s and ‘Kyubi’ at the Arts Club…” *A piece from the collection by MayfairSilk, below right…

C&B: “And which cocktail is your favourite..?”

DU: “That would be a lychee martini (above, centre)…”

C&B: “Who inspires you from the worlds of music and fashion?”

DU: “When it comes to fashion I’m inspired by Stella McCartney (above, left with HRH Prince Charles) and her take on British modern femininity and tailoring; and Victoria Beckham (above, right with her family) as I’ve met her personally; I admire her determination and also her ability to reinvent herself – that resonates with me. When it comes to music, I get inspired by positive songs and tunes from various artists, however my everyday tunes are from the album Moon Safari by Air (view below)…”

C&B: “Do you have any specific goals for your brand?”

DU: “Yes, my wish for MayfairSilk is to serve millions of customers every year, so they enjoy the tactile and health benefits of sleeping in silk in their everyday lives; as a brand, with each order we have committed to plant a tree, and that would mean millions of trees being planted by us every year which keeps our planet cleaner and greener…”

C&B: “And, last question, as a successful entrepreneur, what would be your best advice to entrepreneurs in 2021 after lockdown?”

DU: “Every cloud has a silver lining; after the year we’ve just had, we’ve all got to focus on the positive and serve our customers in the best and most authentic way we can…”

INSTAGRAM: @mayfairsilk

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