The world of events is charging back up again after lockdown, and immediately the best planners and designers are being snapped up for galas, weddings, soirees and special occasions around the globe. Top of the list is PS Tailored events in NYC, co-founded by British-born-and-raised Jamie Unwin and Alsace-born chef Pierre Schaedelin, probably best known originally for having been executive chef to Alain Ducasse first in Monte Carlo then at his very first outpost outside France: London. Here Jamie describes his adventures in organising celebrations for the elite of New York, the requirements for executing events with precision and the challenges of running a business in the climate of today…

C&B: “How long have you and Pierre lived in NYC and what initially promoted your move from the UK?

JU: “Pierre (below left with Snoop Dog at Martha Stewart’s farm, and at work, below right) and I moved to New York in the Winter of 1999. Pierre got an offer that he couldn’t refuse as the Executive Chef at the famed Le Cirque 2000, he took over the reins on NY Eve 1999, it was quite the start to 2000 and quite the welcome to the ‘who’s who’ of New York Society. I was fortunate to get sponsored so it made moving much easier, so many of my friends used to tell me that I would love NY, so it made sense to give it a whirl…and the rest is history!”

C&B: “How easy or difficult was it to start up your own catering company? Did you take jobs prior to that or get straight into it?“

JU: “Pierre Left Le Cirque around 2007, he wanted a change of scenery… serendipitously Martha Stewart was looking for a private chef to help collaborate on a big refresh of one of her original books, ‘Marthas Entertaining’; it turned out to be an absolutely beautiful book with the most fantastic recipes and photos. Pierre loved the idea of starting his very own catering company, and in 2010 we started PS Tailored Events…catering is a world away from working in a restaurant though, it requires a totally different skill-set, and neither of us had worked in catering, so it was a huge learning curve, but it was so exciting and it’s always great to learn another skill!‘

C&B: “What type of event do you typically cater?“

JU: “Cocktail parties, seated dinners…our clients are a wide range of NY’ers… corporations, private families, weddings; every party is different and totally customized (see images above). The guest count range is anywhere from a seated dinner for 12 guests upto 350 guests. During the pandemic we worked on projects that were not necessarily in our ‘tool box’, for example we put together some beautiful boxes of chocolates for Patek Phillipe, another project was putting together 900 gift bags for staff at Mount Sinai – one has to stay flexible…”

C&B: “What skills do you believe are necessary to run a private catering company?

JU: “Catering requires many skills, however by far most important one is being extremely organized, the devil is in all the small details with any event. Managing people is equally important, without them you don’t have a company, they are after all your ‘face’ (see above, before and during lockdown). Additionally, you have to be able to ‘move with the punches’ – as organized as we are, something always comes up so we often have to think on our feet. We also learnt early on that in business you can`t be ‘everything for everybody‘, sometimes we have to say no, which before was never in my dictionary, but we trust our gut, and if it doesn’t feel like the right fit, I politely decline…”

C&B: “What obstacles do you come up against?“

JU: “The only obstacles that we came across are the exorbitant costs of building and operating a business in New York… I’d advise new start-ups to be prepared with a very clear business plan before deciding to take the plunge…”

C&B: “Over the course of your joint career with Pierre in NYC, what has been the highlight project?“

JU: “We catered a 40th birthday party out in South Hampton where we organized Bon Jovi to come and sing for an hour, it was an intimate dinner, so very special…”

C&B: “Which 6 canapés on your event menu are your most requested by clients?“

JU: “We have a delicious seared tuna and edamame-wasabi puree which is very popular, spinach and chickpea fritter with mango chutney, golden and purple pickled beets with goat cheese and candied pecan, marinated salmon on a buckwheat crepe with yuzu caviar and creme fraiche; and as much as this is cringe-worthy, New Yorkers always want their pigs in blankets AKA ‘Franks in Blanks’, I can’t figure it out…”

C&B: “Of all the amazing vegetarian meals Pierre creates, which is your personal favourite?”

JU: “One of my recent faves is his chickpea and cauliflower falafel, he serves them with some tasty roasted eggplant, baby gem lettuce and a tahini dressing – it’s so, so good…”

C&B: “Any last comments before we move on to your resources?”

JU: “New York has really struggled over the past year or so, but the city is definitely turning a corner, life is returning, cinemas have started reopening, restaurants have indoor dining and there are many more people out and about. We really hope that with the vaccine things get back to normal ASAP…”


C&B: “Jamie, which touristy things do you recommend to do in NYC?“

JU: “NY is a city to be seen on foot, so many pockets of history… a few of our favorites are the Metropolitan Museum, browsing the art galleries in Chelsea and wandering around Greenwich Village, the list is really endless. The High Line is beautiful, we love Central Park, another favorite is the flower market on 28th and 6th, it will – for sure – brighten ones spirits. My go-to in Spring is the Conservatory Garden in Central Park on 105th and 5th, it is beyond beautiful, time it right and you will be blown away…”

C&B: “Which is your favourite restaurant in NYC?“

JU: “We are loving ‘GupShup’ on 18th Street, such great Indian food and cocktails! (above, centre)” (@gupshupnyc)

C&B: “Do you have a favourite resource for home or event styling objet?“

JU: “Oh, a go-to is ‘Jamali’ (above, left) which is on 28th street in the flower market, just a great resource to make our dining tables dazzle – and, of course ‘Bergdorfs’ (above, right) if I’m feeling flush!” (@jamaligarden / @bergdorfs)

C&B: “Which is your favourite city in the world, and why?“

JU: “Hmmm… this is a tough one, but Paris is high on the list, as much as we love London and New York, Paris just has the best food and, by far, the best patisserie and flea market…also, there is definitely a romance in the air.!”


INSTAGRAM: @pstailoredevents


THE ROVING STOVE: From gods in the kitchen, to a true goddess in the kitchen… former runway model Julie Anne Rhodes is the founder of ‘The Roving Stove‘ in LA, a service that produces specially tailored weekly menus for a VIP clientele. Check out her instagram page for delicious recipes and contact details: @julieannerhodesofficial

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