Chatting under the mistletoe with fabulous designer and author Tim Gosling, ‘Negroni‘ cocktail in hand, would be first choice for most people celebrating Hogmanay at his beautifully restored chateau in northern France. Luckily, we got in early – just as the foliage-draped chandelier was hung before Christmas – and asked him about his plans for New Year’s Eve and 2022…

C&B: “Tim, where will you be celebrating the festive season this year?”
T.G.: “Steve, ‘Hachi’ our spaniel, and I will be our chateau in France this year – the one we’re in the middle of restoring – it’s a great place to be, with twenty two open fireplaces… It will just be us this year as France shut its borders to anyone from the UK, so we will have to celebrate with the family next year…“

C&B: “It sounds incredibly romantic, though, being cosied up in a gorgeous chateau with open fires and all the beautiful decorations you’ve installed; what does New Year mean to you this year?:
T.G.: ”Christmas and New Year are all rolled into one for me… it’s a time of year to take stock – take a view of what the year ‘to be’ will look like and to remember to carry on dreaming – more so this year than any other…”

C&B: “What will you be wearing to celebrate on New Year’s Eve?”
T.G.: “Anything warm! I’ll also be wearing my ‘Elf’ outfit to go on our traditional beach walk on the D-day beaches, which are only 15 mins from the chateau – that clears out the cobwebs and is so beautiful and special…”

C&B: “Which is your favourite New Year’s cocktail?“
T.G.: “Mmmm… that’s a truly tricky one – I love cocktails – I would go for a Negoni with a twist of orange for this New Years!”



Handful ice cubes

40ml LEOUBE gin

40ml Campari

40ml sweet red vermouth (such as Martini Rosso)

To garnish: Orange slice


Half-fill a short, heavy glass tumbler with ice cubes, then add the gin, Campari and sweet red vermouth. Stir gently to combine, then add a thin orange slice or twist of pared orange zest to decorate.

C&B: “… and your favourite canapé?”
T.G.: “Caviar, creme fresh and Blini’s… with a tiny sprinkle of chopped onions and egg if I was being really piggy! And perhaps a slice of ‘Pain Surprise’ (middle, below), a delicacy prepared by the Padre from the village nearby – a hollowed-out loaf of bread, cut into a round of several layers, each one spread with a different filling – delicious! ”

C&B: “And, finally… what are your deepest wishes for the coming year…?”
T.G.: “I think, like the rest of the world, my biggest wish is that we all get through this pandemic and can get back to normal – it’s rather like being ‘at war’ so without question I pray that it all ends soon…”

TIM GOSLING: http://www.tgosling.com

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