Chef Alessandro Verdenelli of ‘Sushi Cupcake’ originates from Rome, Italy. His professional background includes five years studying at the Institute for Food & Wine Services and Hotel Hospitality, then gaining essential experience working in the kitchen of various high end restaurants in his home city, including one owned by his uncle and another in the well-heeled neighbourhood of Parioli, known for it’s excellent restaurants and nightlife. Alessandro then moved to London to work in the kitchen of famed chef Antonio Carluccio before going on to work for the Soho House Group…

From working with Antonio Carluccio, I moved to Soho House Group where I had fantastic times, both in London and abroad; my next experience was to run the food and beverage department for KX Private Members Club (above) in Chelsea for over a decade”

Alessandro Verdenelli, chef

“I then moved to my next experience and launched the ‘CHUCS’ Restaurants (above and below, right) on behalf of the owners; they’re Italian inspired cafes and restaurants dotted around the most exclusive areas of central London…”

Above left: Soho House Above right: CHUCS Italian inspired menu

“Now, I continue my work as a consultant to other businesses, I provide an exclusive catering service to high end clients – from a family dinner at home to a corporate or wedding event, as long it’s fun – and, of course, I also oversee my own company ‘Sushi Cupcake‘ (below, right) which produces delicious Asian/Italian fusion cuisine“

Alessandro Verdenelli

In his capacity as a private chef, Alessandro produces seafood dishes that are perfect for those who like health-orientated cuisine – particularly in the summer when everyone is most body conscious. Alessandro is available to create specific menus and manage the catering aboard a private yacht or villa over the coming months, by special arrangement.

The dishes on my menu are very much dependent on the preferences of the client and the location of the event; I‘m happy to create anything from a classic, traditional Italian dish to gourmet cuisine – also, I cater for clients who have special requirements and require healthy meals such as raw food diet, vegan, gluten-free or dairy free…

Alessandro Verdenelli, chef

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UPDATE: Alessandro has just installed his cousin in his Mykonos restaurant for the summer, where Alessandro is chef.

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