Hand-painted wall coverings and finishes are one of the predominant features of interior decor 2022, and here we showcase a number of the most celebrated designers including De Gournay, Peter Marino, Fromental, Schumacher (opening in Paris on 8th September), MS Design Studio, SPA, Bear & Beau, Ralph Lauren, Clayworks and Maison Pierre Frey. These brands can variously be seen in the decor of luxury hotels including Le Meurice, Relais Christine, Cheval Blanc and Saint James Paris, upscale residential properties, and in exclusive galleries, spas and stores (such as Aesop) around the world. First we introduce the MS Design Studio brand designed by Magdalena Smielewski:

Magdalena Smielewski is the highly qualified, Polish-born founder and owner of MS Design Studio, a producer of fine wallpaper and textile solutions for interior designers, architects and home owners around the world. Her dramatic images can be enlarged to fill the wall of a residence, showroom or any other viable space where the designer is looking to present a unique visual impact. Here we chat about how Magdalena started her new company back in 2018, and her vision for the business…

NS: “Magdalena, as a designer I adore floral art and custom wallpaper, as many do – particularly in the style of the old Dutch masters; what was it that prompted you to launch your business?”

MS: “I’ve always been interested and fascinated in photography and painting; after completing my A level in Photography and History of Photography from Cambridge Regional College, I continued my studies at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge and then completed my BA in Photography and Visual Arts. During my studies, I graduated from City & Guilds in the field of Printing Techniques and I realised that I was most interested in various printing methods and darkroom techniques. For several years I’ve been working as a fashion and still life photographer, but I’ve always felt happiest in the darkroom, printing my photos on unusual materials such as glass or canvas. All this prompted me to establish MS Design Studio, where I can finally print my projects, photos, or replicas of famous paintings on canvas or textiles, and my products can become central decorative elements in the homes of my clients and become part of their immediate surroundings…”

When I started, I was aware that my wallpapers are slightly more than ordinary decorations and, because of that  I would narrow down a group of potential recipients. Regardless of that, I haven’t had to compromise my vision…”

Magdalena Smielewski, MS DESIGN STUDIO

MS: “The biggest challenge for me was to offer my bold designs to people and say ‘Don’t be afraid of colour, scale or individuality; make your home unique, be different and express yourself!’ paid off as I have wonderful clients who are brave enough to transform their homes or workplaces. My typical client is open-minded, not afraid of bold designs, appreciates the quality plus uniqueness of my work, and aims for the inudividuality of their own surroundings…”

NS: “Do you sell to international clients?’

MS: “Yes, I have an internet store therefore anyone, anywhere can order wallpaper of their choice, and then I can print it to their individual measurements. I always try to talk to customers personally about their individual needs, even though I sell via the internet I like to keep it a personal experience…”

NS: “Are the wallpapers exclusive to your brand, or do you choose from the collections of other suppliers?”

MS: “I only sell wallpapers of my brand at the moment but I’ve noticed that lots of wallpaper suppliers are coming out with beautiful and interesting designs, so I am open to future collaboration…”

*Images throughout credited to MS Design Studio; Above right: Eleonora Antonico

NS: “Where do you source the incredible designs for your wallpapers?”

MS: “I have full permission to distribute, use, and manipulate a selection of 17-century paintings such as ‘Dutch Flowers’ – other collections are my in-house designs…”

NS: “Which are the most popular themes at the moment?”

MS: “The progress in new printing techniques and finishes is constantly pushing boundaries, and the availability of new substrates makes it even more exciting for me. Floral mural wallpapers continue to be a popular trend for 2022; the wonderful thing about floral print wallpaper is that the client can take it in all sorts of directions to match their interior style. Tropical bird prints are still the leading trend for 2022 wallpaper designs and they’re selling well; they are attention-grabbing and striking in any interior. I look for inspiration everywhere, it can be fashion, nature, or science. For example, I was inspired by 18-century botanical sketches when I created the collection ‘Birds XXL’, so there are many influences from old botanical drawings there…”

Toile de Jouy wallpaper had it’s renaissance this summer as you can see in Gucci and Dior collections – so our light, blue and white wallpapers are very popular at the moment…”

Magdalena Smielewski, MS DESIGN STUDIO

NS: “What would you say are the trends for the coming Autumn/Winter 2022?”

MS: “Chinoiserie is a wallpaper trend that has been in and out of fashion for many years; I’m a big fan of chinoiserie so our Autumn/Winter collection is based on traditional chinoiserie style but with a modern twist; the leading colour of the new collection is emerald. Inspiration for my new Autumn/Winter collection is also rooted in fashion because I got inspired by the Gucci and Dior collections this year. In a nutshell, my upcoming wallpapers are influenced by fashion and old-style wallpaper nostalgia…”

NS: “Where can potential customers see your wallpapers? Are they available to view in a showroom or a hotel anywhere?”

MS: “Right now I do only online sales; I can send samples to my clients if they require them. My wallpapers are currently decorating spas and beauty salons across Europe and of course private residences. I am thinking about opening a showroom in Poland again, as I had one before the pandemic, and of course, I would love to decorate a boutique hotel at some point…”

NS: “On that theme, where would you most like to see your wallpapers installed?”

MS: “I design for people, so I like to see my wallpapers wherever they make people happy, be it in a private residence, a SPA, hairdressing salon, hotel, office, hospital, kindergarten, or nursing home. As long as my wallpaper helps to create a happy and creative environment for others and is appreciated for its quality and uniqueness!”

CONTACT: http://www.msdesignstudio.eu


ABOVE: MS DESIGN STUDIO wallpaper at The Beauty Emporium, Parma

ABOVE: Detail from hand-painted wallpaper on a magnolia theme in a suite at the Saint James Paris

ABOVE: The bedroom of a loft suite at Le Meurice in Paris, decorated with De Gournay hand-painted wallpaper on a garden theme to reflect Jardin des Tuileries directly outside…

ABOVE: Hotel Relais Christine (left), Paris; Bonadea, London (right)

READ A PROFILE ON BEAR & BEAU: tinyurl.com/4m299b9j

ABOVE: Maison Pierre Frey (above left); Bear & Beau (above, centre); Hotel Relais Christine (above, right)

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