Tim Gosling is best known for his international interiors projects, his collection of marine furnishings, the daily documenting online of the restoration of his chateau in northern France and also for being on the judging panel of the Boat International Design & Innovation Awards. In this two-part interview, we discuss Tim’s new collection for eco brand Graphenstone Paints and his lifestyle, split between London, Paris, Monte Carlo and his chateau in Normandy. Here, in Part 1, we discuss the Monaco Yacht Show and the South of France…

NS: “Tim, what would your perfect day on the Côte d’Azur be like?”

TG: “First of all, just being in the Cote d’Azur is perfect – the heat and the buzz of the insects – the scent of the pine trees and the scent of sea breezes and sun lotion… in my 20’s I once went to St Tropez for lunch and ended up staying for a week – the area really has that effect of you, it truly makes you feel alive! My perfect day would be lunch at Club 55 – first sitting, so as never to interrupt an afternoon of sunbathing and sleeping time – then a stroll along the beach back to the boat. I’m lucky now to have so many different friends who either live on the Cote d‘Azur, or at least are enjoying their summers down there; that’s just ‘the best’ to run into old friends and catch up on life…”

ABOVE L-R: Floral decor by RVH Floral Design; decorative piece by Objet Luxe; drinks by Leoube

NS: “When you’re in Monte Carlo and choose to stay in a hotel, which one do you prefer?”

TG: “I have to honestly say I’ve never stayed in a hotel in Monaco that really took my breath away – on the other hand, the Grand Hotel Du Cap-Ferrat (pictured top of this page) really does… if the ocean view from the hotel doesn’t capture your heart, their chocolate mousse certainly will! The swimming pool is down the rock cliff face; I learnt to swim properly there in the days of my miss-spent youth…”

NS: “Tim, regarding the judging of the yachts in Monaco, what’s the criteria?”

TG: “Judging the boat show in Monaco for the Boat International ‘Design and Innovation Awards ‘ is fascinating; not only do I get taken around each of the 20-30 super-yachts that are in the competition, viewing every detail, but the panel gets to sit down later in the autumn/winter as a judging committee and argue out each boat with their plusses and minuses. The criteria is really all held in the brief – the brief from the client and how well that brief was carried out either in the naval architecture or the interiors. The judging then goes down to how well these ideas were executed in terms of materials, lighting and detailing…”

NS: “Which developments in yacht design have most impressed you personally?”

TG: “I’ve seen such a staggering change in the last six years of being a judge in the use of glass and how this material has technically gone from being reasonably flat and standard to organically shaped, carved, conductive-absorbant and even strong enough to make sections of the hull UNDER the water line so you can see straight into the ocean and watch all the fish passing by – that’s truly amazing…”

Boat International Design & Innovation Awards:

It’s always fun sitting on the judging panel with Tim, he has such a keen eye for detail and always has an interesting perspective on the amazing projects we are presented with; he also has a great depth of knowledge – not only of interior and furniture design, but also of the superyacht world in general…”

Claire German, CEO Design Centre Chelsea Harbour (above, left)

NS: “Which super-yachts do you currently consider to be the epitome of good design, and have you done any projects with them?

TG: “I’ve designed some beautiful carbon-fibre outside pieces for the ‘Lady S’ (pictured below) which is such a beautiful yacht, designed by Andrew Langton and Pascale Reymond – the world’s first onboard Private IMAX cinema and the most incredible attention to detail…”

TG: “Also, another of my favourite superyacht designs is the work by Pedar Eidsgaard on the interiors of ‘Elandess’ (above) – really stunning and the beach club is unusually on the TOP deck with an 8 meter long swimming pool – I loved it!”

NS: “When you’re designing your own yacht furniture collection, what most inspires you?”

TG: “I’m so inspired by the ocean liners of the 1930’s and 40’s – in fact, ‘The Normandie’ (pictured below) was so staggeringly beautiful and she still captures the heart of designers, just from the imagery that’s still left…”

NS: “Which is your favourite super yacht memory, and why?”

TG: “Gosh – which is my favourite super-yacht memory, and why?! That’s such a hard question to answer as I’ve been lucky to not only tour so many, but also to spend also some unbelievable weeks on holidays with friends on yachts; the sense of freedom and fun it gives you is exceptional…”

NS: “And, final question, when will the winner of the Monaco yacht show be announced, and where?”

TG: “The nominees are shortlisted and are to be announced in the next few weeks – the actual winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony which this year will be held in Milan, Italy on the 22nd June 2022…”


ABOVE: Arlaux – the perfect Champagne to launch your super-yacht and celebrate afterwards; a dish at Alain Ducasse Restaurant Le Louis XV, Monaco

ABOVE: Decorative piece from ‘Objet Luxe’;
marine coloured swatches from Graphentone paints

BELOW: Dine onboard, a dish by private chef, Alessandro Verdenelli; the ‘MONACO – voyage’ scented candle by Nicky Summer Bougie


*Coming up next in Part .2., Tim’s lifestyle in London and Paris.


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