ABOVE: ‘SOLACE’ by glass and metalwork sculptors Layne Rowe and Ryan Harms

For centuries the power of flight has influenced mythological creatures such as Pegasus and angels; these glass wings are a symbol of freedom, unity, strength and power – yet providing a sense of humility“

Layne Rowe

The ‘SOLACE’ sculpture is statement piece for our turbulent times created by metal work artist Ryan Harms of Archimet in collaboration with the glass artist, Layne Rowe. The artwork stands 2.5 metres tall and was exhibited in St Albans Cathedral and Ely Cathedral over the summer and autumn of 2021. There are over 90 feathers, individually sculpted by Layne in clear glass with fine canework inclusions; each feather is hung from the bone structure of the wings hand-forged by Ryan for Archimet.

‘SOLACE’ by sculptors Ryan Harms and Layne Rowe

Layne and I were at art school together in 1988; Layne went onto study glass and I went onto study metal. I reached out to Layne for the first time in 30 years when we first went into lockdown during the pandemic. ‘SOLACE’ was an idea initially dreamt up by Layne and it just happened to be that I contacted him at the perfect time to collaborate on this project because the glass feathers needed a structure to be hung from – and that’s where I came in…”

Ryan Harms, Archimet

I have a love for shape and form and getting totally lost within creating a piece of work…taking such a strong material and manipulating it into organic and flowing shapes is rewarding.”

Ryan Harms, Archimet

This was a project we only dreamt of working on all those years ago and it is great to now make it a reality. We reunited with all the skills to create ‘SOLACE’ and, in turn, help bring people together and create a symbol for unity and strength…”

Layne Rowe

*Note to architects, yacht designers and residential interior designers: The ‘SOLACE’ sculpture makes the perfect focal point in an entrance hall, spa area, bar, restaurant or super-yacht. The piece will soon be displayed in the glass garden at Chelsea Flower Show in May and also available to view at the Blowfish Gallery in Stourbridge (above, left) during the upcoming British glass Biennale commencing Friday, 26th August 2022

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Ryan Harms, founder of Archimet, studied 3D Crafts in the late 80’s and early 90’s, specialising in metal. After leaving art school, Ryan got a job as an apprentice blacksmith and left five years later as a master smith, having successfully worked on projects within the Royal Parks and helped manage the two-year restoration of the gates of the British Museum. Setting up Archimet in 2001, using both traditional and contemporary forging methods, he has established himself in the high end residential market in London, producing bespoke architectural metalwork in the form of balustrades, gates, furniture and sculptural pieces of art. His work has taken him to Monaco, Barbados and Amsterdam.

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CONTACT: http://www.archimet.uk / http://www.layneroweglass.co.uk

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