JETHRO JACKSON is a British abstract landscape painter based in the coastal town of Rock in Cornwall, using oil paint, oil pastels, graphite, sand, charcoal, stone and precious metals including gold leaf and lapis lazuli to create his artworks. Jethro has exhibited his work in London and Cornwall and is founder of ‘Projects Twenty Two’, a new exhibition space that’s due to open in Rock this Spring/Summer 2022. Here Jethro talks about his work and inspirations:

ON INSPIRATION: “I started painting because the desire to document what I see and feel has always been my strongest driving force ever since I was a child; my style has developed over many years of painting but the abstract work seen here has been an in-depth cathartic exploration of colour shape and line, informed by the landscape past and present – this links to many Cornish masters like Peter Lanyon and Patrick Heron…”

ON EXHIBITING: “My clients are normally in the process of building an incredible new space by the coast or in the city; my work crosses the divide between urban and coast due to its abstract nature. I do take commissions from clients on application, however I generally work on a series, which is then shown and sold during an exhibition…”

ON SCALE: “I work on pieces that range from very small to very large pieces; a recent commission was 2.5m x 2.5m, for example, but the average size is 180 cm x 180 cm when framed; I’ve just moved into a new studio which has given me the opportunity to work on much larger work…”

  • Art collectors and investors may view Jethro’s work online at or at the Lemon Street Gallery in Truro, Cornwall. His upcoming exhibition is titled ‘Impermanent Horizon‘, a series of paintings inspired by the sea and the importance of the oceans resources.


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