I first came across the work of Seamers Specialist Joinery when I visited the ‘Bonadea’ interiors shop in Pimlico Road and was impressed by the quality of the craftsmanship throughout – the store itself is like a jewellery box, filled with fine objet produced by artisans located all over Europe and is a nominee in the 2022 SBID Awards. Shelves display gold-rimmed flatware, drawers slide open to reveal exquisite cutlery, walls are lined with hand-painted wallpaper. Here we meet Richard Latham, who is the Managing Director of Seamers Specialist Joinery, overseeing the day-to-day operational and financial sides of the company which is responsible for the finish of the cabinetry and operates all over Europe…

Our reputation precedes us, therefore we receive referrals from private clients, architects and designers. We’re a collaborator with Bonadea, a high end tableware and accent pieces store on Pimlico Road in Belgravia, and we’ve also worked with MHZ, Studio Indigo, Todhunter Earle, Colefax and Fowler, Elicyon, Studio Clementine and Christopher Miners to name but a few…”

Richard Latham, M.D., Seamers Specialist Joinery

NS: “Richard, the Bonadea interiors salon (top of the page) is a fantastic showcase for Seamers – what type of projects do you normally undertake?”

RL “Our speciality is manufacturing and installing high quality bespoke joinery for residential and commercial projects and our USP is quality and service…”

Seamers have a proud history and we’ll be celebrating our 150th anniversary in 2025; we’ve a reputation based on traditional skills, we’ve always trained our own craftsmen, taking on at least one apprentice every year, this ensuing these valuable skills are not lost to modern day techniques…”

Richard Latham, M.D., Seamers Specialist Joinery

NS: “Which materials are currently the most popular for bathrooms and kitchens and what are the current trends?”

RL: “Popular timbers currently are American black walnut (above, left) and European oak (above, right); metal finishes are currently extremely popular whether they be nickel, chrome, brass or antique brass. Most of our kitchens are of a traditional design and the exteriors tend to be hand painted. We’re seeing more and more designs with reeded finishes on cabinet frontals, vanity units etc…”

We’re currently seeing an increase in private client work and we’re hopeful that the exposure we are receiving from our collaboration with Bonadea will continue this trend…”

Richard Latham, M.D., Seamers Specialist Joinery

CONTACT: http://www.seamers.couk

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