DAVIDSON London designs and manufactures high quality British-made furniture for prestigious clients around the globe. Located in Chelsea Hardbour Design Centre, interior designers and global ‘names’ in the industry such as Katherine Pooley, Taylor Howes, Elicyon, Kelly Hoppen, Sophie Paterson and Laura Hammett make up approximately 60% of their work; the remaining 40% of their business is from high profile fashion brands and private clients around the world, with whom Davidson London deals direct. Here, Alexandra Davidson (above, left) talks about her love for the industry…

DAVIDSON London was founded with a vision based on creating some of the world’s most beautiful furniture, crafted here in the UK; we’re proud to support a thriving ecosystem of some of the countries best cabinet makers and artisans“

Alexandra Davidson

NS: “Alexandra, besides being surrounded by some of the most established names in interiors design, what are the benefits of your location in Design Centre Chelsea Harbour, (as seen in the image above)?”

AD: “You only get the best people coming to your showroom!“

NS: “Which Davidson London collaborations are you most proud of?”

AD: “I feel the love for all our collaborations, but probably a recent one with one of our best clients Broosk Saib is pretty high up on the list; it’s a beautiful freestanding drinks cabinet for a very important VIP!”

NS: “What production materials are most in demand right now, and why?”

AD: “Our hand-tinted sycamores, walnuts (above, left) and macassar (above, right) are timeless and will never go out of fashion – they are in demand year on year…”

“I really admire interior designers who use colour well; I’m more of a ‘maximalist‘ than a ‘minimalist‘ person, so a home with character sits best with me…”

Alexandra Davidson, Davidson London

NS: “Does Davidson London get involved in any overseas design projects?

AD: “Yes, we work internationally and currently Monaco is big for us business-wise; we work also with clients in Hong Kong, Dubai, Kuwait, Switzerland, Norway, New York, Los Angeles and Australia…”

NS: “Are there any residential or hotel properties where readers can view Davidson London furnishings?”

AD: “Most of the work that we produce is installed in residential homes around the world and therefore can’t be seen, so I’d say that to view similar pieces you would need to visit our showroom in Chelsea Harbour where there’s an extensive selection on display; that said, we’ve worked on quite a few luxury hotel brands where our furniture tends to be installed in public areas – for example, The Four Seasons (pictured below) showcase quite a few pieces in their various hotels around Europe…”

NS: ”Which property do you most admire in London from an architectural viewpoint? 

AD: “Right now, my favourite building of all time is Battersea Power Station – it’s jaw dropping!” 

NS: “Which are your favourite hotels, and why?”

AD: “Claridges, as it’s so romantic and we stayed there when I married my husband; I also love any of the hotels by Soho House (below left, LA), and also Limewood is just beautiful and so relaxing. In France, Eden Roc is the best (below, right) – we’ve had so many fun times there!!“

Meet Alexandra and her Davidson London team at First Floor, Design Centre Chelsea Harbour during London Design Week 2022 from Sunday, 13th March.

CONTACT: http://www.davidsonlondon.com

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