The main wall of the new KITH lifestyle store in Paris (above) is an excellent example of how a potentially uninteresting space can be styled into one of the most eye-catching backdrops seen on Instagram. Living walls can be found on the outside of buildings around the globe, both residential and commercial, and suggest a lean towards a more ‘green’ lifestyle – literally. Designers and architects often use faux planting with a variety of leaves and textures so as create the most realistic effect, rather than installing fresh plants and flowers which are much higher maintenance and therefore more expensive to keep in top condition; a mix of the two – real and faux – can be used for events, exhibitions or for styling gardens, where a percentage of the greenery may be closer to visitors…

ABOVE: Faux planting by Easiwall is indistinguishable from the real thing and looks beautiful when professionally lit

One of the highest profile suppliers of faux living wall panels is Easiwall, an off-shoot of ‘Easigrass’ and ‘Easianimals’; the company and it’s various departments provide the perfect solution for architects, interior designers, event designers and home-owners around Europe who are looking for immaculate easy-to-maintain lawn and planting, either for a one-off occasion or for permanent planting all year round.

VIDEO: Cover – Nicky Summer stands in front of the living wall backdrop at KITH Paris .2. Detail of faux greenery at Greenland raw food cafe in Cannes .3. A wall styled with real plants on the terrace at The Martinez in Cannes.

Easiwall is the perfect product for bringing a garden feel into all hotels and hospitality areas; suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, this low maintenance solution creates the same vibe as a living wall without the running costs!”

Philippa Le Boutillier, Easiwall

ABOVE AND BELOW: Images of stunning ‘living walls‘ created by Easiwall demonstrate the impact of a space planted with faux greenery


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