Jane Riddell is the owner and creative director of Planned for Perfection, an international luxury wedding and party planning company based in the UK, planning weddings and parties for discerning clients. Jane and her team have been planning beautiful weddings and fabulous parties since 2007 and have a wealth of experience within the industry. Here we discuss all the different facets that go into producing a memorable, prestige event…

We tailor each celebration to our individual clients and put our heart and soul into each event – in short, we plan, we style, we design, we care…“

Jane Riddell, owner and creative director, Planned for Perfection

NS: “Staging an event is an incredible responsibility; what type of clients do you typically attract, how do they find you and why do they appoint ‘Planned for Perfection’?

JR: “Our clients are generally professional couples looking for a stylish wedding planner to plan their perfect celebration; they require someone who is professional, fun and discreet and who they also trust to guide them every step of the way therefore ensuring they have a special day that’s as individual and as special as they are. We’re very lucky that a lot of our couples hear how wonderful our events are from family and friends, so word of mouth is how most couples and clients find us -we’re also recommended by wedding venues and wedding suppliers and have a wonderful website…”

We plan events for as little or as many guests as our clients want to invite, although the a majority of our weddings are for between 100 and 200 guests…”

Jane Riddell, owner and creative director, Planned for Perfection

NS: “I’ve seen images and video of quite a few occasions you’ve organised in London and in the Cotswolds; which is your personal favourite – town or country?”

JR: “How can we possibly have a favourite? There are so many incredible venues in both London and The Cotswolds – from country estates, historic castles and manor houses in the countryside to five star hotels in the city. We’re lucky enough to have frequented most of them and they all have their own unique charm…” 

I always have more than one back-up plan in case of bad weather and I always ensure the ‘wet weather’ plan is just as beautiful as the dry weather plan. Even in the Summer or in sunnier locations, we always plan for wet weather – that way beautiful weather is always a bonus…“

Jane Riddell, owner and creative director, Planned for Perfection

NS: “When it comes to bridal designers, do you have a personal favourite?

JR: “That’s so hard to answer because there are so many incredibly talented designers; it isn’t just about the beautiful designs and fabrics, it very much depends on how a dress makes a bride feel. I love Caroline Castilligano, Suzanne Neville, Sassi Holdford, Phillipa Lepley, Jenny Packham, Carolina Herrera, Temperely London, Vivienne Westwood, Vera Wang, Monique Lhuillier Pallas Couture, Steven Khalil and Galia Lehav – how can I choose just one? When you know it’s ‘the one’, you just know!”

We love working with all of our recommended suppliers and have spent many years building strong relationships within the industry to ensure those we work with are some of the best in the business. Like us, they also put the couples best interests at the forefront of everything they do, but it would be impossible to pick a favourite!”

Jane Riddell, owner and creative director, Planned for Perfection

NS: “Which wines/Champagnes do you enjoy and recommend for a special occasion?

JR: “Personally, a chilled glass of Chablis or Viognier is my ‘go-to’ white wine, or a full-bodied red from Australia or New Zealand… and for Rosé, it has to be ‘Whispering Angel’; I also enjoy Veuve Clicquot or vintage Dom Pérignon for Champagne…”

I work in what I call ‘my wonderful wedding world’ but it’s not all pretty and fluffy, it’s challenging, hard work and very long hours; in this business it’s important to knuckle down, work hard, be honest and also patient… because it’s worth it!“

Jane Riddell, owner and creative director, Planned for Perfection

NS: “What would you say is your favourite part of wedding planning?

JR: “I love every single moment of the wedding planning journey, but on the day itself, when the party is in full swing in the evening, it is lovely to take a step back and see how all of the hard work has come together, watching everyone having fun I feel so proud of the team and all the suppliers involved…“


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