When she’s not planning an upcoming event, wedding planner Roberta Burcheri (above, left) of Roberta Burcheri Events, can be found travelling, gathering inspiration for future designs, scouring interiors magazines, cooking gourmet meals and finding ways to give back to the event design community that she holds dear to her heart. Here, we discuss the ethos behind the special occasions she produces and the importance of securing the right vendors for any important event…

C&B: “Roberta, lovely to meet you! Tell us more about where you’re based, your background and how your career developed…”

RB: “I’m based in London, after moving here from Italy in 2006; when I was a teenager, I started organising parties for my friends and family, and later it was time for the weddings. After planning my own destination wedding in Italy, I knew I wanted to pursue my passion and turn it into a full-time career. I’ve been coached by renowned international wedding planners and designers who helped me comprehend the complexity of wedding design, therefore I now have an extensive awareness of the challenges involved in managing a flawless event – from coming up with authentic design concepts to managing a team of vendors and ensuring every detail runs smoothly on the day of the event…”

I’m widely recognised for my passion for organising exquisite weddings and crafting memorable multi-day events for our clients and their guests in Italy, the UK, and France; I expertly weave the delicate threads of weddings, developing designs that capture the spirit of our clients’ unique identities and tales…”

Roberta Burcheri, Roberta Burcheri Events

C&B: “Do you plan only weddings or other events too?”

RB: “Mainly weddings, in particular multi-day ones, but I also organise birthday parties, bridal showers, social events, brand launches, workshops and editorial shoots…”

C&B: “That’s quite varied! How do you source all the different event locations?”

RB: “Depending on my client’s brief, I might choose venues I’ve worked with in the past, or I might source them proactively, looking for exclusive, unexplored locations during quieter times of the year. At times, I get approached by the luxury venues themselves…”

I’ve organised weddings ranging from intimate outdoor ceremonies at wealthy estates to large multi-day festivities in diverse settings; I’ve always had a natural ability for connecting with others and a unique combination of analytical and creative thinking. With over a decade of experience in healthcare, managing teams, double-checking with the utmost precision, and taking care of people, I chose to pursue my true passion after planning my own destination wedding in Italy. The rest, as they say, is history…”

Roberta Burcheri, Roberta Burcheri Events

C&B: “Amongst the many venues, which would you say are your favourites?”

RB: “I personally prefer the venues with stunning architecture and history, like castles, boutique and luxury hotels, or villas with unique character, beautiful views of gardens, or overlooking the water…”

With a genuine passion for making guests feel at home, I have extensive experience creating unforgettable wedding experiences. I naturally love sophisticated, rich decor and cherish the tiny details that elevate a party to the next level…”

Roberta Burcheri, Roberta Burcheri Events

C&B: “How do you go about attracting new clients?”

RB: “They usually find me on social media, or via blogs – or through past clients’ or venue referrals. We cater to couples with refined tastes and a desire for sophistication, creating weddings that are elegant and glamorous. I’m extremely grateful for our achievements, which have been recognised for excellence with multiple prestigious awards, as well as our unwavering commitment to providing the highest level of quality. Our primary focus is on developing strong relationships with our valued clientele…”

C&B: “A lot of event design is about pulling together the right vendors and we know that often planners use the same ultra-consistent and creative suppliers no matter where the occasion is being staged. Would you say that’s the same for you, and what qualities do you expect of them?”

RB: “Yes – reliable vendors I’ve connected with throughout the years are, of course, super talented – they have a ‘yes’ mindset, have great, consistent work ethics, excellent communicative skills, and are able to work seamlessly in a team. In the world of high-end event planning, it’s crucial to establish connections with trusted vendors in order to deliver top-notch events. The suppliers I work with play an important role in the success of the events I plan; they have the ability to turn clients’ visions into reality while also safeguarding and maintaining the reputation of my company. You might be surprised, but vendor partners are often more important than clients – after all, we may only interact with our clients for one occasion, but we collaborate very regularly with our vendor partners…”

C&B: “Flowers are a huge part of wedding design – do you have a favourite floral designer?”

RB: “There are really too many to choose from, but I would say anyone who can create something unseen from a brief without using any previous inspiration from the designer, for example Vincenzo D’Ascanio, Pina Cato, Larry Walsh…”

C&B: “Out of the many wedding gown designers, who is your favourite?”

RB: “Again, there are too many to mention however my top ones are Pallas Couture, Oscar del La Renta, Zuhair Murad, Elie Saab Bridal and Marchesa…”

C&B: There are so many different elements that make up the perfect event – which other components do you recommend as a top wedding designer?”

RB: “For Champagne, my favourites are Franciacorta, Ca’ del Bosco Cuvee’ Prestige, Ruinart Blanc de Blanc and Dom Perignon. For live music Aston Band, Urban Soul Orchestra, and ALR and then Searcy’s in the UK and ‘La Torre’ in Italy are my preferred catering companies…”

C&B: “In event design, you have to expect the unexpected – anything can happen… from rainstorms to runaway brides! What memorable challenges have you faced over the course of your career?”

RB: “When the newlyweds got stuck in traffic on the motorway on their way to catch their honeymoon flight, I had to organise an impromptu helicopter pick-up next to their nearest motorway exit so they wouldn’t miss their flight. I was also asked to arrange for a groom to get to his wedding ceremony by helicopter – James Bond’s style!”

C&B: “Wow! Sounds quite challenging so congratulations for pulling that off! Finally, Roberta, what would you say differentiates your service most from others?”

RB: “My distinctive planning approach allows me to engage with clients and providers on a deeper level; I’ve a commitment to exceeding my clients expectations and I bring a fresh perspective and unwavering dedication to planning and design; my intention is to deliver service that is both enthusiastic and thorough…”

With my instinctive understanding of discerning clientele and seamless style, I’ve become the go-to resource for high-end engaged couples who value design and exceptional guest experiences…”

Roberta Burcheri, Roberta Burcheri Events


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