ABOVE: Gold leaf earrings by Deborah Blyth Jewellery

Probably the most important aspect of a woman’s physical appearance is her hair – how it looks and how it feels is of huge importance. As a hair model for many years, I’ve made a point of looking after my own hair – from within by eating a diet that includes fish oils, avocado and coconut, washing it almost daily to keep my scalp clean and the follicles healthy, and also by using good quality hair products. On the odd occasion I’ve had a ‘hair disaster’ it’s generally been because I’ve been unable to plan in advance due to travel arrangements, then not been able to get a last minute salon appointment with my regular hairdresser, so I’ve booked somewhere I wouldn’t normally go. This has resulted (quite recently) in orange tinged roots and frazzled/burned hair when the replacement hairdresser hasn’t followed what I asked and/or had the right level of expertise. It’s really not worth taking the risk… better to book an appointment with a highly qualified hairdresser, re-schedule if you can’t make it but hopefully you do.

Currently our flagship and most established salon is the busiest, equally Selfridges is popular because of its convenient opening hours and Kensington is popular because of its private members club feel…

Christian Kiernan, Daniel Galvin

When I was invited to have my hair cut and coloured at the flagship Daniel Galvin salon in George Street, Marylebone in London, I jumped at the opportunity. The team is so well recognised within the industry, winning award after award, and with an A-list client base, there was little chance of me not liking the finished effect. My hair wasn’t looking its best and coming into Spring after a bleak Winter, I was looking forward to getting it back to 100% in terms of condition and style. The interior of the salon inspires confidence, too – the two floors were designed by the brand design agency Caulder Moore and a considerable amount of time was spent mocking-up the salon design in advance so the team was able to work secure in the knowledge that neither experience nor service would be compromised, even when the salon’s at it’s full capacity of circa 500 clients per week. The management also oversees a very robust maintenance schedule, having developed a fantastic team to keep up an impeccable standard of appearance and hygiene (vital) across all departments…

ABOVE: The ’Wizards of W1’ – Lino Carbosiero and Heather Purton creating magic at Daniel Galvin’s flagship salon

Lino Carbosiero, who looks after the hair of Sharon Osbourne, Anthea Turner and formerly our HM Queen Elizabeth II, was to cut my hair… but first, colour with Heather Purton (above, right). Heather has been working at Daniel Galvin since she started her career and is known as one of the best colourists in the business… when asked what she most enjoys about working at Daniel Galvin, she said that it’s essentially down to having a passion for what she does and also being a part of such a highly creative, talented team – the stylists all trained the same way, they all share the same beliefs and core philosophy…

We firmly believe that one of the keys to the success of Daniel Galvin is the training and developing our team from within; we invest heavily in recruiting young people who all go through our renowned training program as this guarantees technical consistency and quality…”

Christian Kiernan, Daniel Galvin

ABOVE: Colourist, Heather Purton; Nicky before and Nicky during the colour treatment…

HEATHER ON NICKY’S HAIR COLOUR TECHNIQUE: ”The objective was to achieve an extremely natural looking end result; therefore I first tinted Nicky’s regrowth using Loreal professional ‘Blonde’ as the base colour and once that had developed, the hair was shampooed and dried. I then introduced some finely woven highlights and a strong ‘face frame’ using a lightener with low level developer to protect the integrity of the hair; I then lifted the lightener to a creamy tone. To finish I used Daniel’s famous miracle detox to brighten the previous colour in the hair…”

ABOVE: Left: Lino with his clients, the Bidens; Right: With client Hillary Clinton

After my hair had been colour treated, I was taken downstairs to have it cut by Lino, who has legendary status in the industry since starting out in the early 80’s. He and his work have been covered in Vogue, Tatler, Elle, most of the main hairdressing editorials and he also appears regularly on Lorraine Kelly’s ‘Style Squad’, which he loves to do. Lino’s client list reads like a global ’who’s who’ with names such as Hilary Clinton, Melania Trump, Jill Biden and Adele featured alongside those mentioned before…

I started working at Daniel Galvin in 1993; Daniel Galvin is world renowned for expert colour, so it was deeply important to the brand and myself to align the styling education department, which has been a great passion of mine…”

Lino Carbosiero, Daniel Galvin

LINO ON NICKY’S HAIR & TREATMENT: ”Nicky has incredible hair…fine, but there’s plenty of it; I’d definitely recommend Daniel Galvin’s Illuminating Shampoo and the Clear Gloss treatment which was used during the shampoo process. Before blow drying, I always use Kerastase Crème Thermique for protection during the drying stage…”

DANIEL GALVIN OWN LABEL PRODUCTS: Due to Daniel Galvin’s reputation both as a colour specialist and for their bespoke highlighting technique, the team wanted to create a product line that dealt specifically with highlighted hair because it comprises of both virgin and coloured hair on the same head. The miracle solution detox is ground-breaking in that its natural vitamin C formulation cleanses the hair both inside and out; also, the ’clear gloss’ treatment offers that ‘just coloured’ look and can be safely used at home…

Discussing the ‘hatchet-job’ Nicky recently had; Lino knows how to make his clients feel good; a scan of the lower floor of the salon

NICKY ON THE END RESULT: ”What a transformation! And an incredible amount of time and expertise went into producing it – I’m eternally grateful to both Heather and Lino for sorting out my hair as it looked awful when I arrived at the salon! At the end of it, I felt that my hair looked and felt just as I wanted and we’d all had a lot of fun in the process. Since my appointment, by using the Daniel Galvin products, my hair has felt super-clean and looks healthy, shiny and soft…”

ABOVE: The finished result, thanks to Lino and Heather at Daniel Galvin’s flagship salon in George St. *Gold leaf earrings by Deborah Blyth Jewellery; Nicky’s top by Pink House Mustique.

*Currently Daniel Galvin own label products may be purchased online and from Selfridges…

CONTACT: http://www.danielgalvin.com

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