ABOVE: Kylie Jenner wears jewellery by Deborah Blyth for the launch of her cosmetic range

Deborah Blyth is a London-based jewellery designer using recycled gold and silver in exquisite designs seen in VOGUE and worn by high profile personalities and global celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, who wore pieces for the launch of her 24 carat gold cosmetic range to celebrate her 24th birthday. Here, Nicky meets Deborah to discuss the inspiration behind her beautiful, natural designs…

Many of my designs incorporate baroque pearls, their fabulously organic shape work so well with my fluid, textural designs…”

Deborah Blyth, jewellery designer

NS: “Deborah, I love the organic, natural feel of your jewellery; why did you start designing jewellery and what first inspired you?”

DB: “My family lived for a few years in Italy where I was inspired to start creating, and who could fail to be inspired when surrounded by immense beauty and fabulous fashion?! I’m a self-taught jeweller, as I come from a medical background, but I’ve always been creative, with a particular passion for jewellery…”

NS: “What type of materials do you work with, generally?”

DB: “It’s very important to me to be as sustainable as possible so I use recycled gold and silver; I find colour very uplifting, therefore several of my collections are sprinkled with a rainbow coloured assortment of gems. In 2022 I launched my first fine collection in 9ct gold with raw Ocean diamonds…”

I’m very proud to say that all aspects of the creative process from designing in wax to the final gold plating, takes part in a very small area of North London…”

Deborah Blyth, jewellery designer

NS: “Where do you source your materials ie gold, diamonds, pearls?”

DB: “Gold and silver is sourced in the UK, the pearls and semi precious stones come from reputable suppliers in the far East and India. The raw Ocean diamonds are collected from the ocean floor by specialist divers off the coast of Namibia and South Africa with minimal impact on the environment. I love using raw diamonds as there has been no shaping by human hand, they are totally formed by nature and their incredible journey into the sea…”

NS: “What provides you with ongoing design inspiration?”

DB: “My passion for the arts and love of nature combine to influence my designs and I find beauty in imperfection. Living in London, I’m so fortunate to have access to incredible museums and art galleries as well as the glorious Hampstead Heath near to where I live. I’m a keen swimmer and many of my best ideas are born in the water; I hope that wearing an Ocean diamond will connect the wearer to the powerfully healing effect of the sea…”

NS: “Do you find yourself collaborating with other design brands who have a similar ethos?” 

DB: “I was fortunate to have been able to collaborate with an incredible French artist and ceramicist, Laetitia Rouget on a collection of jewellery celebrating the wonderful imperfections of the female body. This was a really joyful project that we worked on during the recent pandemic. I’ve also loved working with the clothing brand Poetry, designing bespoke pieces for their stores and online catalogue…”

ABOVE: Nicky Summer wears pieces by Deborah Blyth teamed with silk outfits from luxury resort-wear brand Pink House Mustique

 “I don’t think we have a typical client – the jewellery appeals to all ages of women and men who appreciate high quality, handcrafted designs. I get huge pleasure seeing grandmothers, mothers and daughters shopping together…”

Deborah Blyth, jewellery designer

NS: “How do you engage new customers and build your business effectively?”

DB: “I love meeting customers – it’s really important for me to connect with them as much as possible… my designs are so tactile they need to be held, so I’ve exhibited my jewellery at retail and trade shows such as ‘Top Drawer’ in London and in various galleries across the UK…”

NS: “What about the bridal market? I’m sure your pieces look perfect matched with wedding dresses?”

DB: “Yes, I’ve been fortunate to have had some wonderful commissions, designing bespoke pieces for brides and bridegrooms – from hairpieces through to cufflinks, as well as engagement and wedding rings. One of our most interesting projects was when I was asked to design a gold hairpiece for a bride, it was quite a challenge designing something that was visually impactful but also comfortable and secure to wear!”

WHERE TO BUY: Find Deborah Blyth Jewellery online at Pieces range in price from between £80 for a sterling silver pair of earrings through to £2000 for an Ocean diamond ring. Stockists include various retailers around the UK including Poetry stores in the UK and also online, plus Pink House Mustique, Harvey Nichols in Hong Kong, many boutiques in Japan. The brand will soon be launching in four John Lewis stores. Client’s are welcome to visit Deborah at her studio to view current designs and discuss bespoke commissions.

“A great joy for me is being asked and trusted with creating bespoke pieces for clients for a variety of special occasions. It’s a real privilege…”

Deborah Blyth, jewellery designer

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