ABOVE: (left) Eva with MD of Cartier, Laurent Feniou; (right) Amelia outside Harrods

We are the crowd, we’re c-comin’ out

Got my flash on, it’s true

Need that picture of you, it’s so magical

We’d be so fantastical

Leather and jeans, garage glamorous

Not sure what it means

But this photo of us, it don’t have a price

Ready for those flashing lights”

‘Paparazzi’, Lady Gaga

Fashion and events photographer Eva Espresso might not have that exact name on her passport, however it’s certainly her identity. Probably best known for her work with Cartier, Paris Fashion Week and VOGUE diaries, British-born Eva is now firmly based in her spiritual home of Paris from where most of her work emanates. Here we talk about her beginnings and the ladder to the top of luxury lifestyle…

C&B: ”Eva, how did you first gain your experience in photography and what prompted you to start?”

EE: I began taking photos in the middle of my MSc in Economics; I found learning how to navigate the camera to be much like solving equations – but with exciting and often surprising outcomes. After that it was a case of ’practice, practice, practice’ and there was a technician, Andrew Muir, in the photography department at Harrods, who taught me the technical aspects, whenever I got stuck – that was immensely helpful…”

C&B: ”Which was you first paid project? Do you remember?”

EE: ”Yes! Through a stroke of luck, I sat next to the marketing manager of KXU during a spinning class within days of them opening; this led to me having a ’test day’ with them and becoming their in-house photographer for two years…”

ABOVE: (left) KXU fitness club; (right) influencer Leonie Hanne

C&B: ”Why did you decide to base yourself in Paris?”

EE: ”Paris becoming home was inevitable, but I  didn’t expect so soon! As a fashion photographer, Paris has much more to offer than London. After Soho House opened in Paris, the city became even more like home so I stopped ‘living on the Eurostar’ and decided to accept where life was taking me: Paris!”

C&B: ”Which Paris fashion show or event that you’ve covered has been the most memorable, and why?”

EE: ”Nothing could top the CHANEL show that went ahead during a rare snowstorm! Not only are the photographs timeless and magical, but that show is where I met one of the leading figures in my life – Pedro Sales – who was then the Vogue Brazil fashion director. He is my guardian angel!”

I love photographing polo, purely for my pleasure, after growing up playing the sport in London. The snow polo season remains the highlight of my winters in St Moritz and Aspen – the combination of society, fashion, horses, snow and fast-paced action – it’s  irresistible!”

Eva Espresso, photographer

C&B: ”How do you attract new clients and what do you believe these clients then most want from an image taken by you?”

EE: ”Word of mouth has been the driving force behind my career since day one, though perhaps I can take a little credit for my ‘networking skills’ which I simply view as the ability to speak to anyone and everyone! Most clients – brands and individuals alike – are attracted to my candid photography; having a bubbly and playful personality has led me to capture both moments and products with an unconventional touch. This caused quite the stir when I first entered the scene on the cusp of 2018/19…”

C&B: ”Do you work with any members of the media in particular?”

EE: ”Actually, perhaps unusually, I’ve built my client base on the basis of me not working with the media; gaining the respect and trust of notoriously private individuals has been a privilege. A few years have passed and I’d struggle to call many ‘clients’, rather., I’d call them dear friends who I cannot wait to see again. That being said, I do work with both Harpers Bazaar and Vogue rather a lot…”

*All photography throughout by Eva Espresso

C&B: ”Which place/luxury hotel in Paris suggests ‘fashion’ to you, and why?”

EE: ”Well the answer to this is twofold… of course, Hotel Costes is where you will find anyone who is anyone during Paris Fashion Week, however it’s the Hotel de Crillon which screams exclusivity and luxury – to the extent that even I find myself a little intimidated going to the bar!”

C&B: ”What do you wear yourself when working, and why?”

EE: ”I’m so glad to finally be asked ‘why?’ It’s no secret that I’m rarely seen wearing anything but one of my treasured Alaia dresses! I love wearing classic Alaia dresses, as they always fit like a glove and make me feel invincible. Alaia has become inherently part of me, to the extent that even my own father (below, left) is shocked if I don’t turn up to lunch in a dress. It hardly comes as a surprise that my best photos are always taken when I feel my best!”

C&B: ”What would be your dream project in Paris, or elsewhere?”

EE: ”Dreams have a habit of coming true when you least expect it; it continues to feel surreal that on my first night out in Paris, I met Erick Ricardo who is the creative director behind many of my favourite global campaigns. Having him respond in kind, excited to work with me on upcoming projects, that feels like a dream – though the real ‘dream come true’ will be seeing our first joint venture in print…”

CONTACT: http://www.evaespresso.com

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