ABOVE: TOTEM GLOBAL pictured before performing at an event in Majorca

INTRO BY NICKY SUMMER: Party entertainment sets the theme for any major event and TOTEM GLOBAL are one of the best international providers of DJs, singers and musicians – in my opinion, their individual performers are exceptional and the gospel choir is fantastic. The company also provides a full event and design facility and has worked almost everywhere you’ve ever heard of. Here’s a quick conversation I had with the founder, Brett Warren:

NS: ”Brett, what profile of event do you typically perform at?”

BW: ”We do specialise in Jewish weddings, however we have also have a long list of corporate and private clients. We’ve performed at birthday parties, weddings, Barmitzvah and we also cover public events such as the 2019-2022 ASOS Beauty Awards…”

ABOVE: Members of TOTEM GLOBAL perform at The Landmark Hotel, London

NS: ”Are you mainly a local service or do you provide bands for overseas clients?”

BW: ”Booking TOTEM is an international experience with all the fun and romance that audiences and guests from all over the world enjoy; we’re based in London, however we provide an elite service to clients around the globe: LA, Barcelona, Berlin, Majorca, Marbella, Florida, Florence, Holland, Hong Kong, Las Vegas, Venice… TOTEM is recognised as one of the world’s leading and most talented bands and is the band of choice at many of London’s 5 star hotels – for example, regarding The Savoy, we’re their main suppliers of music and we’re the hotel’s in-house band; we perform at Rosewood London, The Landmark, Claridges, The Dorchester, The Londoner, the King’s Cross Renaissance and so on…” 

At TOTEM we make it all about the client, we’re not a company that follows the same path and creates just the norm; we create our own path with you…”

Brett Warren, TOTEM GLOBAL

ABOVE: Artists from TOTEM GLOBAL performing at a wedding in Crete, staged by Ruby J Events

Get ready for the best evening you’ve ever had;

Get ready for your friends and family to be completely blown away. 

Get ready for world class musicians, singers and performers to make your special day ‘one-of a-kind’…

Get ready for the all-live, totally unique, incredible experience, that is TOTEM!”

Brett Warren, TOTEM GLOBAL

Your wedding will benefit from the finest production methods, transforming your function to a whole new level; TOTEM creates the perfect setting – sound, lighting, staging, custom dance floors and everything required to create a magical backdrop to your event…”

Brett Warren, TOTEM GLOBAL

NS: ”Brett, what would you say is the USP of TOTEM GLOBAL?”

BW: ”TOTEM produces an experience like no other; from the moment we receive an enquiry, we take all the pressure off and make the client’s big day memorable… we work with the finest network of venues, caterers and other event professionals who live up to -and enhance – the TOTEM experience. Of course, TOTEM performs all of the key music ‘live’ – from when the bride walks down the aisle to the very last moments of their day – and we aim to make it extraordinarily special. We’re conscious that a wedding or major event is a ‘once in a lifetime’ occasion that needs to flow flawlessly and TOTEM, with its amazing team of industry experts, makes the day, or night, one of those special highlights of the client’s life!”


There are wedding bands, there are function bands, there are corporate bands – and then there is TOTEM!”

Brett Warren, TOTEM GLOBAL

NS: ”What are the biggest challenges related to your performances?”

BW: ”I work closely with our clients so as to deliver the end result they’ve requested – we challenge ourselves to be better every time we perform as we believe every party and event is different and there’s the opportunity to excel on each occasion…”

ABOVE: Artists perform in Rome and in London

NS: ”Which event are you most proud of so far?”

BW: ”We performed on the football pitch at the Nou Camp, Barcelona; it was one of those ‘WOW!’ moments for a very special corporate client; we also supplied the band and full event planning and production build for an event on Osea Island island in southern England – the event build took one full week on the island as we constructed the entire venue from scratch, pulling in an incredible team to create our client’s dreams come true…” 

CONTACT: http://www.totem-tribe.co.uk

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