ABOVE: Indoor/outdoor furnishings from the collection by Steve Bristow Furniture

Our product portfolio contains a collection of stunning marble, granite and quartz dining tables, consoles, occasional and coffee tables with a bespoke service for customer commissions, hospitality and commercial projects both in the U.K. and internationally…”

Paul Silk, General Manager, Steve Bristow Furniture

Steve Bristow Furniture in Devon, England, is a people-orientated company, driven by it’s connection to private clients and a dedication to producing beautiful products on their behalf. The company specialises in the design, development and manufacture of luxury furniture in marble, quartz and other natural stones. Every piece is handmade in the workshop with unrivalled artistry and skill; the resulting luxury furniture combines contemporary design with timeless style – from elegant dining room pieces through to bold boardroom furnishings. Here Paul Silk of Steve Bristow Furniture and I discuss the type of furnishings most often requested and where they can be viewed:

NS: ”Paul, two words constantly come up in conversation with interiors clients when discussing furnishings – ‘natural’ and ‘bespoke’; which materials does Steve Bristow typically use to produce the pieces?”

PS: “The company specialises in working with all natural stones such as quartz, granite, marble and stone, then we also work with various metals and finishes e.g brass; the metal can either be an integral part of the product design or used as an accent trim…” 

NS: ”And your clients… are they residential and hospitality interior designers?”

PS: ”Our typical clients are discerning consumers looking for that unique piece individually designed and crafted by our skilled team; we work across residential, hospitality and commercial sectors both in the UK and internationally. As a relatively new business (we launched the furniture division in 2019) to date we have worked with independent hotels but we’re looking to expand our presence in major hotel groups…”

ABOVE: ‘Aria’ monochrome geometric table by Steve Bristow Furniture

Our bespoke service allows clients to work with our 3d rendering software to bring their luxury product to life – each end creation is unique and crafted to the specification of the end user…”

Paul Silk, General Manager, Steve Bristow Furniture

ABOVE: ’Athena’ low tables; ‘Concorde’ occasional tables

NS: ”Steve Bristow Furniture is based in the UK, but do you work with overseas clients as well?”

PS: ”Yes we do – for example, we’ve produced furnishings on behalf of clients located in Switzerland and this was particularly challenging as it happened to be during Covid lockdown so we were forced to confine our meetings to Zoom calls in order to work through the project. However, it proved the point that with the correct process and detailed understanding of the brief, we were able to deliver all the bespoke items in full and on time to the clients exacting standards…”

We have a full bespoke service where clients can select the materials of their choice and work with our design team to produce their creation in 3D so they can see the final design from a full 360 degree view…”

Paul Silk, General Manager, Steve Bristow Furniture

ABOVE: The ’Sorrento’ range from Steve Bristow Furniture

NS: ”Which would you say is your most successful product?”

PS: ”’The Sorrento’ range (above); we continually strive to push the boundaries of technology to create unique pieces and are most proud of our ability to shape and bend quartz, which is the fourth hardest mineral known to man, to create stunning pieces such as the Sorrento…”

ABOVE: ’The Traverso’ collection by Steve Bristow Furniture

We exhibit at the UK’s premier interior design show, Decorex International…”

Paul Silk, General Manager, Steve Bristow Furniture

ABOVE: Two very different styles of furniture demonstrate the scope of design Steve Bristow produces for both private clients and the hospitality industry; to the left, furnishings in ’Elephant’ restaurant; to the right, tables from the ’Melbourne’ collection

NS: ”In addition to your workroom and Decorex, where can potential clients view your pieces?”

PS: ”Clients can view the furnishings at our showroom in Devon or at our showcase window at Chelsea Design Centre; then there are other outlets such as ‘Juliettes Interiors’ in London and ‘Karter & Seibo’ in Birmingham, both of which have selected pieces on display…”

ABOVE: Console tables by Steve Bristow Furniture; left ’Siena’, right ’Verona’


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