The accessorising of a design scheme is key to giving it identity, and the use of natural materials helps create warmth… this is often best illustrated in highly polished interiors where a more relaxed aura is required – on a yacht or in a new-build property – and can often be achieved through the installation of art or objet that reflect wildlife or ocean-life. Objet Luxe in Chelsea are specialists in this arena and we spoke with Ann Coston, who founded the company back in 2006 along with her husband Jan Carter…

C&B: “Ann, what does your collection provide to the interior design world and what makes it special?”

AC: “At ‘Objet Luxe’ we design and make luxury accessories and tableware; we’ll work with rare and beautiful materials such as pearl oyster shell, mother of pearl, silver and gold and lead crystal. We design our products in house, in London, and work closely with artisans all over to make to our new collections…”

C&B: “Who are your main clients and customers..?”

AC: “Much of our work is confidential, however we have a wide customer base, working with some of the world’s leading interior designers and yacht designers, as well as design conscientious individuals from around the world. Being based in London we are fortunate enough to be surrounded by some of the world’s best interiors and design practices, both residential and commercial, who we work with; for example, we greatly admire the work of Kit Kemp at Firmdale Hotels (below, left to right)…”

C&B: “Have any of your objet been included in hotel or yacht decorative schemes, and where can clients find the pieces other than in your Chelsea showroom?”

AC: “We sell online and the collection can be found at Many of our sea and nautical inspired pieces have been used in yacht decorative schemes; our glass and porcelain objet are popular for hotel interiors; our most popular items available online are the decorative glass jars, mother of pearl plates and floral porcelain boxes (seen below)…”

C&B: “What are the particular benefits of being located so close to the Chelsea Harbour Design Centre?”

AC: “Lots Road, in the heart of the Chelsea Design Quarter, is a great place to be based; close to the CHDC, Lots Road Auctions as well as some of the established antique dealers in Chelsea makes the whole area a great destination for professional designers and design-influenced shoppers…”

C&B: “Which are your favourite personal stores and/or restaurants in the Chelsea area?”

AC: “Guinevere (below, middle) is one of my favourite destinations and conveniently opposite the original ‘Megan’s’ deli and cafe (below, left) where we are frequent visitors for the best coffee in Chelsea; The Saatchi Gallery, at Duke of York’s Square, is also a favourite haunt – the gallery provides an innovative platform for contemporary art (below, right) and culture…”

OBJET LUXE SHOWROOM: 132-134 Lots Road, Chelsea SW10


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