Sculptor James Mitchell is a well known figure in the building, developing and interior design worlds, producing marble and stone features to enhance properties internationally. His company is able to create pieces as diverse as contemporary baths sculpted out of marble through to traditional fireplaces and travertine surrounds that wouldn’t look out of place in a mediaeval castle or French chateau. Although he spends most of his hours on the road, James takes client appointments at his showroom in Cumbria, England, and made time to respond to a few of our readers questions about his business and the inspiration behind it:

NS: “James, you’re almost uniquely placed to supply to palace hotels and upscale residences around the world – why and how did you start your company?”

JM: ”Marble and stone sculpture is something I’ve always had a keen interest in and, as with any business, if it’s something you love it isn’t really work…!”

ABOVE: James with urns; a sculpture in Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris

ABOVE: Monaco; Paris: James can produce replicas of any of the statues you see installed around the world

NS: ”Where do you get most of your inspiration from?”

JM: ”That’s a difficult question as there are so many aspects of my work where the client has the original idea and I go on to interpret the concept… I tend to obsess on the research and background of whatever it is they require – for instance, the Warwick vase that’s become so popular in my recent work…”

NS: ”So, a client can request the exact replica of an object? A historical or antique piece, for example? And how big can the pieces be?”

JM: ”Some of the fire surrounds we produce have been as tall as 4 meters; supplying a replica is a common request and is something I do enjoy doing. A large portion of my work is in association with interior designers and it usually makes for a smoother process than working direct with a client direct… ”

ABOVE: Museum pieces as seen above can be recreated by James Mitchell Marble

ABOVE: A selection of hand-carved baths from James Mitchell Marble

NS: ”What’s the most unique piece you’ve been asked to supply, so far?”

JM: ”That would most probably be the marble toilet…”

NS: ”And who makes up your typical client profile?”

JM: ”Again, that varies – it might be an architect, interior designer, or simply someone who’s stumbled across my social media and decided to get in touch for their project…”

ABOVE: Carved fire surrounds by James Mitchell Marble

NS: ”Have any museums or galleries required your work – making replicas for display, for example?”

JM: ”Not museums, as such, however there are quite a few listed buildings where my work is installed, whether it be fire surrounds or sculptures…”

ABOVE: The Warwick Vase in different dimensions on plinths displayed at the headquarters of James Mitchell Marble; these pieces are regularly ordered to be installed in public spaces such as historical homes, gardens and places of interest…

ABOVE: A beautiful carved marble sink by James Mitchell; replicas of The Four Seasons sculptures create impact at any time of year

NS: ”Which countries do you export your pieces to and what do you have lined up for the year ahead?”

JM: ”I would say that we’ll export to almost anywhere; so far in 2023, we’ve shipped to Australia, USA, Dubai, France, Bulgaria, Germany, Lithuania, Greece, Spain and Ireland. We’re focusing more on the private sector during 2023 as it’s nice to actually see the customers excitement – and I do love a challenge, so if you’re wanting something out of the ordinary then let’s talk!”

WEBSITE: http://www.jamesmitchellmarble.com

ABOVE: A sculpture in Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris; the fireplace in restaurant Ralph Lauren, Paris

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