Over the years, we’ve created gift sets for a royal wedding, several 5 star hotels and many corporate gifts for luxury brands; we’re loving all the event requests recently, especially after the past covid lockdowns, it’s so fun to see weddings being celebrated again! 

Alice Malcolm Green, Wick & Tallow

INTRO BY NICKY SUMMER: Scented candles are now a lifestyle essential, in my opinion, and almost every home has one – or even one in every room! They come in a huge variety of blends and vessels – from simple glass through to hand-painted porcelain and cut glass. Room scent instantly adds a highly memorable signature to an interior design scheme – whether it’s a warm vanilla and bergamot or refreshing mandarin and lime. Scented candles are a staple on the ‘hostess gift’ list, make the perfect present to yourself and immediately create an ambience; I’m so addicted, I take a tubereuse scented travel candle with me wherever I go. There are numerous companies creating and selling candles, however one of the best is ’Wick & Tallow’. I met the founder, Alice Malcom Green, to discover why…

We often send our bespoke candles around the world for major brands – this year alone, we have sent candles to Dubai, Riyadh, Singapore, Brunei, China, Switzerland, the Americas and India…”

Alice Malcom Green, Wick & Tallow

NS: ”Alice, you provide a unique and fascinating service to the lifestyle arena – how did ‘Wick & Tallow’ first come about?”

AMG: ”After I’d trained in interior design at KLC, I started a stall at Portobello market selling cushions and homeware which led me to start making candles at home – the candles then became the reason for the stall so after a while I began to form a business based on these items along with my husband James – he studied product design at St Martins – and his brother Tom who’d recently returned from a few years living in Ghana, Africa. We create bespoke candles and home fragrance products for brands, florists, wedding planners and hospitality venues alongside retailers, galleries, jewellers and royalty…”

NS: ”What would you say is the USP of your brand that puts it at the forefront?”

AMG: ”We create truly bespoke candles with an industry low MOQ and treat all our client’s to an exceptional service; our products are made in England and we love working with different artisans to create unique and exciting projects. Our sole focus is our bespoke service and we produce for brands such as Victoria Cator, who sells her own label candles globally. Her latest launch is at the Conservatory in New York and Texas.…”

We work with many exciting wedding planners and florists – one of our favourite recent collaborations was with Amie Bone; we worked with her on her ’Fantasia’ event and also at her recent rebrand party at the Bulgari hotel in Knightsbridge. Amie has introduced us to so many amazing planners, which has meant we have had lots of weddings in the last year!”

Alice Malcom Green, Wick & Tallow

NS: “Out of all the scents you produce, which is your most popular?”

AMG: ”We can create a bespoke scent for clients and we also have a scent library to choose from and that holds over 50 fragrances; two of the most popular scents we produce are bergamot and basil as well as sweet pea and peony. One of my favourite things to do is to create a completely new and unique fragrance for a particular client – we do this quite regularly. Ten years ago, we created a floral collection for our own wedding, and now our bridal collection includes red rose and amber for Christmas weddings, lily & lilac plus sweet pea and peony for summer weddings and then my favourite, white rose & eucalyptus which was originally created for our own wedding – the whole collection is designed to tie in with wedding flowers…”

NS: “Are you able to also offer your private clients a range of options on containers?”

AMG: ”Yes, in fact we can create entirely bespoke glasses and ceramics; our most popular option is glass which we decorate in the UK with an incredible 2nd generation artisanal factory which has unrivalled experience in their industry; our minimum order for printed glass is 150 units…”

Florists are great clients for us as we’re often requested to create a bespoke floral scent for them; often they’re one of the main suppliers to extremely high profile events, so we’re always very discreet about who we’re working with…”

Alice Malcom Green, Wick & Tallow

NS: ”What would you say has been your most challenging project, to date, and why?”

AMG: ”We do find September-December period to be a very busy time of year; lots of orders with deadlines and then shipping the candles around the world! We always manage to meet these deadlines though – thanks to our amazing supply chain – however, that’s not to say it isn’t stressful!”

NS: ”And finally – what would be your dream project?”

AMG: ”We do already have a lot of dream clients and events! I would love to do more with hotels as I love travelling; I also love creating fragrances based on different memories and destinations…”

Watch this space for our new website launch and collaborations later this year with both Chelsea Harbour and London Design Festival…”

Alice Malcom Green, Wick & Tallow

CONTACT: http://www.wickandtallow.com

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