BY NICKY SUMMER: For many years, Fragrance du Bois has produced many of my favourite scents yet I’ve never had the opportunity to meet the man who creates them. That man is Jonnie Swarbrick, one of our City & Beach Magazine ‘STYLE LEADERS’, who started the company in Paris in 2013, using scents from Grasse in the south of France – and this gives the two of us lots in common! Here, I discuss with Jonnie the creation and legacy of his brand…

NS: “Jonnie, please introduce yourself and tell our readers your background at Fragrance du Bois…”

JS: “Hi, I’m Jonnie Swarbrick, the Creative Director at Fragrance Du Bois; since we started in Paris in 2013, I’ve led our creative vision, challenging the norms of traditional French perfumery with our daring and innovative approach. Our mission is to craft distinctive scents that not only stand out but also tell a story, much like those who choose to wear them…”

JS: “Our fragrances are expertly crafted in Grasse, the perfume capital of the world, with our master perfumer leading the way in innovation and creativity. The meticulous attention to detail, from the choice of rare ingredients to the artisanal process that goes into each bottle, sets our fragrances apart as truly exclusive…”

During May, the same month as the Cannes Film Festival, a few miles inland The Rose Festival is celebrated in Grasse, centre of the perfume world…”

Nicky Summer, former 007 actress and model

NS: “I love everything about Fragrance du Bois – from Grasse, the place the scents are sourced, through to the unique jewelled bottles you’ve designed and the gorgeous scents that are inside them. How would you define your brand, personally?”

JS: “At Fragrance Du Bois, we have redefined luxury; our fragrances blend age-old craftsmanship with contemporary innovation, resulting in scents that are as unique as they are unforgettable. Our ethos is rooted in artisanal excellence, celebrating bold individuality and a continuous pursuit of excellence in all that we do…”

NS: “Your brand is continually evolving and I notice that you always appear to release new fragrances at just the right time – what do you have coming up for this year?”

JS: “For Summer 2024, we’re thrilled to introduce our first female-inspired fragrance, the pioneering Sirène (above and below), a fragrance that captures the essence of empowerment, mystery, and sensuality; it’s available from our boutiques and select retailers globally…”

NS: “And how would you personally describe the iconic Fragrance du Bois woman?”

JS: “The Fragrance Du Bois woman is bold, expressive, and fearless in standing out. She values authenticity, quality, and craftsmanship, seeing our fragrances as a reflection of her complex personality…”

NS: “I’m aware you have a huge celebrity following – can you name any of those who wear Fragrance du Bois?”

JS: “While we respect the privacy of our distinguished clientele, it’s an honour to have a wide range of influential personalities choose our fragrances. We aspire to see our creations worn by icons who embody the spirit of boldness and uniqueness that Fragrance Du Bois stands for…”

NS: “At this time of year, we always like to focus on what we call ‘wedding season’, although in reality weddings happen all year round! Which scent would you suggest is the best from your collection for a bride’s big day?”

JS: “For brides looking for that perfect wedding day scent, our ‘Lovers’ collection offers romantic and enchanting fragrances designed to capture the essence of love’s journey…”

NS: “The whole presentation – from the velvet, silk lined box to the bejewelled flacon the fragrance arrives in – suggests that Fragrance du Bois is an investment rather than just an impulse purchase…”

JS: “Yes, our pricing reflects the premium quality and uniqueness of our products, catering to a wide range of preferences. Prices start from £229, reaching up to £695 for ‘Sahraa’ from our Privè collection, showcasing the freedom we give our perfumers to use some of the most exquisite ingredients in perfumery…”

NS: “You’ve already established legendary status for your brand – quite an accomplishment over the past ten years! How did you celebrate that important occasion?”

JS: “Our 10th anniversary celebration was held at The Carlton (above, left) in Cannes, a venue that perfectly encapsulates the elegance and heritage of Fragrance Du Bois. This celebration of a decade in the industry, particularly given our French origins, found its ideal setting in the The Carlton, known for its attention to detail and blend of historical and modern luxury…”

NS: “Congratulations, Jonnie, and we wish you huge ongoing success; do you have any last words you’d like to finish our conversation with?”

JS: “Yes, to conclude, I’d like to affirm our dedication to advancing the art of perfumery, encouraging everyone to discover their unique narrative through our fragrances. We look forward to the future with excitement and invite you to join us on this exquisite journey with Fragrance Du Bois…”


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