Olivia Bogle is a twenty year old singer/songwriter from West London who has been surrounded by music all her life and writing songs since she was the age of eight – her first song was titled ‘Misery’, which she says her parents may have found slightly disturbing. After training classically, Olivia has taken musical influences from many artists including Taylor Swift, Adele, Coldplay and even Lynyrd Skynyrd…

I find the art of song writing such a beautiful thing and love being able to tell a story through meaningful lyrics and music, which I believe acts as a coping mechanism in times of uncertainty and also a form of escapism when relaxed. Beyond the creative process I love travelling and have recently been living in Barcelona. While London has given me the backdrop to my early writing, my travelling experiences continue to inspire me to write, and allow me to perform to new audiences around the globe. My new song, ‘No One Knows’ is an uplifting ballad, co-written during lockdown over ‘Zoom’, and relates to overcoming the challenges of life that we all face. There are deliberate undertones of melancholic Country music, a genre I greatly admire. There are more songs to come soon, so please enjoy!”

Olivia Bogle, Singer/Songwriter


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