Ricky Paul is creative director of Ricky Paul Flowers, a bespoke floral design company offering fabulous, flamboyant and theatrical floral designs for the wedding and event industry. Ricky’s unique statement pieces have seen his team work on large scale floral projects across the UK and he’s probably best known outside the business for his appearance on Channel 4’s riveting series, ’Billionaire Blooms’. Here we discuss how Ricky Paul Flowers came to be and what’s coming up next!

C&B: “Ricky, you were brilliant on TV recently – how did you first get into the floral design business? Did you act as an apprentice or did your career evolve some other way?”

RP: “I initially studied performing arts and set design and this progressed into work in interior design before I decided to train in floristry; I worked for an elite floral design company in Notting Hill and this gave me the skills to set up my own floral design business. We offer a unique design service that has seen us work on the most incredible floral installations…”

C&B: “Yes, we’ve seen a few of your installations – very memorable statement pieces… your pink floral flamingoes, for example! Which type of events do you typically dress?”

RP: “We’re lucky enough to work on a variety of events including luxury weddings and we provide them with the bespoke floral sculptures that we specialise in; we also work on many themed events from outdoor festivals in the summer to bespoke bat mitzva’s and creative kids’ parties. We’ve have designed floral hot air balloons, giant floral poodles, crown and luxury circus themed events –  it’s always a fun week at Ricky Paul headquarters!”

Our work has featured on ITV’s ‘Lorraine’ and ‘This Morning’ plus – most recently – Channel 4’s ‘Billionaire Blooms…”

Ricky Paul, founder, Ricky Paul Flowers

C&B: “Which geographical areas does Ricky Paul Flowers cover?”

RP: “We just recently re-located our main studio to Essex as we have a large selection of props and we require space to work on our amazing floral design but we still also need regular access to central London. We’ve started to work on more  nationwide projects so being a little out of town is no problem – we have easy access to the motorway network; you will often see our bright floral vans whizzing round the M25 with floral sculptures on the roof!”

C&B: “What has been your most challenging project so far?”

RP: “By far, my most challenging projects are Christmas installations…. we take on a huge amount during the festive period due to our creative and quirky style so we’re in high demand from October – December. We’re a great team and we manage our installations well so although it’s challenging we get through it despite being covered in glitter! One installation that sticks in my mind was a huge 8 meter tall festive bonsai tree we designed completely covered in waxed roses, sparkly pine branches, golden lanterns and bird with blossom… it was a spectacular installation but took a lot of planning and design and we’d received the frame-work only a day prior to installation – so it was a very difficult few days building and prepping but wonderful that we were then featured in ‘Dezeen’ Magazine’s top 10 global festive installations of that year…”

“We’ve always attracted a large amount of press and media attention due to our unique quirky style; our florals have featured in several bridal magazines including Wedding Flowers, Brides Magazine, You & Your Wedding, Vogue, Time Out, Vogue Japan, Rock My Wedding and Conde Nast ‘Traveller’”

Ricky Paul, founder, Ricky Paul Flowers

C&B: “Floristry on the scale you produce looks like it’s highly creative and you must love to see the faces of your clients when they first see what you’ve installed…”

RP: “Yes, the most satisfying aspect of my work is seeing a finished installation and the reaction of our clients knowing we have done an amazing job, with most of our designs being unique one-off installations it’s very satisfying to see our amazing designs turned into reality, our installations are getting bigger and bigger, so the sky is the limited for Team Ricky Paul!”

WHAT’S NEXT FOR RICKY PAUL FLOWERS? ”My team works with a large number of weddings and event planners across the UK and beyond; 2023 has been a successful year so far and the feedback we are getting from our clients has been amazing, there seems to be a demand for our bespoke floral designs and especially sculptures, we have worked on some amazing designs this year from huge masks made out of flowers which were produced for BAFTA through to ‘Mary Poppins’ installations. We designed crown installations for the Coronation of King Charles along with golden carriages; now we’re in the planning stages for Christmas 2023 and the festive season. Bespoke floral work seems to be our main focus – looking forward to 2024, I think we’ll be working on statement bespoke floral installations for the wedding and event industry. We also have a large number of installations overseas coming up plus a new television series for 2024 – exciting times ahead for team Ricky Paul!”

WEBSITE: http://www.RickyPaulFlowers.co.uk

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