My company Holy Water is a collective of creatives, scientists and storytellers who give a f**k…”

Adam McVay, founder, Holy Water

ABOVE: Adam McVay; a unique cocktail created by the ’Holy Water’ team

ADAM MCVAY, the passionate and dynamic founder of event bar company Holy Water, works with select brands and individuals operating at the very top of their respective fields. The company launched back in 2009 after Adam had worked independently for two years as a freelance bartender on behalf of a number of high end caterers and luxury brands including LVMH and Grey Goose; here he outlines the inspiration behind Holy Water, and his ongoing mission to bring unique cocktails to every special occasion…

ADAM ON DIVINE INSPIRATION: ”The name of the company came way before the we actually set up the business; when I was 17, working behind a bar, I was serving an elderly regular customer and accidentally took his whisky glass away from the optics at 49ml, rather than at 50 – he berated me: “Don’t you rob me of my Holy Water, you C%$T…”

The words stuck…

Often I was blown away by the food and styling at the events I worked at, but annoyed by the low quality of the drinks being served. Initially, no one thought Holy Water would be able to create top end cocktails, consistent in taste and stunning to look at, and for 500 people at once – which is what the nature of these events require. However, I immersed myself in the concept and started creating 15-page decks to communicate the vision for every last detail of the bar service – bespoke to each event, rather than a generic template. After all, sensational drinks are absolutely key to a good party…”

Adam McVay, founder, Holy Water

ADAM ON THE CLASSICS: “We have bottled cocktails under the label The Archive Collection – this is a range of classic sipping drinks, the recipes of which have been refined at the Holy Water celebrations over the past decade. We launched with our versions of the world’s most popular classics: Old Fashioned, Negroni, Vesper, Champagne Cosmopolitan…”

ADAM ON HIS ELITE CLIENTS: ”Like any boutique agency, we offer a bespoke ‘360 degrees’ approach – we develop a personal relationship with our clients and offer a tailored solution for all types of drinking experiences – as such, we tend to know what our client wants before they know themselves. Holy Water clients include Sarah Haywood, Lillingston, Van Wyck & Van Wyck, Bruce Russell Events, Johnny Roxburgh – our list of core clients is endless. In addition, out brand associates include Sapling, East London Liquor Co., Four Roses, Mancino Vermouth, EcoSpirit, Two Drifters, Halon Mon…”


Our bottled and canned cocktail collections aim to deliver:

  • High level craft ready to serve without any time or effort 
  • Wellbeing drinks with functional ingredients for every time of day 
  • Limited edition ranges to keep it fresh and innovative

We sponsored the Future Dreams breast cancer charity events including the Neon Ball and launch of the FD House in Kings X and we participated in Google Zeitgeist, Taste of London, Bafta Awards, Michelin UK & Ireland Awards…” 

Adam McVay, founder, Holy Water

ADAM ON SUSTAINABILITY: ”I quit running bars nearly 20 years ago and it’s definitely calling me again… Holy Water needs to be on the high street because that’s where we can make the biggest impact by showcasing our mission of making the hospitality industry sustainable both in regards to the planet and the people. This would work alongside the events company as a hub for creativity, collaboration and allow us to minimise if not eliminate waste across all operations. The Holy Water mission is to create drinking experiences of the highest caliber, with minimal footprint; we must change our wasteful industry and educate the consumer on the impact of their choices – this ethos needs to go far deeper than just ditching the plastic straws…”

ADAM’S GUEST LIST: “My dream party, past or present, would have an eclectic guest list that includes diverse characters such as Amy Winehouse, David Bowie, Prince, Alan Turing, Vivienne Westwood, Barack Obama, Snoop Dog, Rene Redzepi, Nelson Mandella, Rick Rubin, Eric Cantana, Shane Warne, Richard Attenborough, Pep Guardiola, Maradona, Woody Harrison, Greta Thunberg, Goldie, my Grandma… I could probably go on adding interesting names forever!”

*Holy Water is currently hiring: If you would like to create drinks and/or produce events, please send an email to: adam@weareholywater.com

CONTACT: http://www.weareholywater.com

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