Solange Reyes is a Brazilian cosmetic practitioner specialising in facial rejuvenation and lip augmentation treating both male and female patients between the ages of 18-70 years old. Outraged with the artificial and exaggerated results of aesthetic treatments in England, Solange studied, specialised and developed a revolutionary technique for lip augmentation, where natural results can be achieved while returning the volume and shape to the lips. Today, she is a reference in aesthetics within the Brazilian community that lives in Europe and has a loyal network of Brazilian clients that travel from Italy, Switzerland, France, Ireland, Wales, Scotland and Russia to receive unique treatments at her clinic in south west London. Here we chat about the range of treatments available, including the most popular – facial harmonisation…

ABOVE & BELOW: Before and after transformations following treatment/s at Sol Clinic

NS: ‘Solange, I’ve seen your work and it’s quite incredible – you manage to transform the appearance of both men and women to not only appear naturally younger but also enhanced in some mystical way – you can’t tell what’s been done, just that something has changed for the better!”

SR: “For women we provide Facial Harmonisation and lip augmentation; for men Facial Harmonisation, jaw line and chin enhancement – these are the most popular treatments. Facial Harmonisation promotes rejuvenation in a very natural and delicate way respecting each person’s facial features…”

NS: “Once the facial harmonisation treatment has been done on a client, does it take long for them to recover and how long do the effects typically last?”

SR: “It takes between fifteen and forty days to recover from the process; the effects of the treatment last between twelve and eighteen months. There are top-up appointments to maintain the natural results during which less product is used than the initial session making these appointments less expensive than the first one when the most work is done…”.

ABOVE: Model Stefan Pierre discusses his Facial Harmonisation treatment at Sol Clinic

NS: “Where did you receive your training and experience for your medi-spa work?”

SR: “I took specialist training courses in different countries including Brazil, England and the USA…”

NS: “As well as enhancing and rejuvenation, do you offer correctional treatments? For example after an accident or illness?”

SR: “Yes, we have treatments for acne scars and saggy skin which usually happens after dramatic weight loss. In some cases a few corrections can be done with dermal fillers through facial harmonisation; it can correct assimetry and bring balance to facial features…”

NS: “Of all your treatments, which has received the most enthusiastic response from your clients?”

SR: “Botox, lip augmentation and facial harmonisation!”

CONTACT: http://www.solclinic.com

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