INTRO BY NICKY SUMMER: The theme of this summer’s content is ‘The Garden Party’ and that’s been inspired by scenes such as this one here, above, created by Melinda Gill of award-winning Luxus Events, credited with being one of the top wedding planners in the UK. I’d describe a wedding designed by Melinda’s company as ’aspirational’ as in, the overall presentation is what every bride and her family would desire… elegant yet personal, glamorous yet understated – there’s a huge talent in pulling that whole vibe together and I get the impression that Melinda truly puts her heart and soul into everything she does. Meet Melinda and enjoy what she has to say about creating an extraordinary occasion, memorable for years to come…

I wear many hats, from conceptualising an event through to executing every detail flawlessly; I take great pride in delivering exceptional service and crafting weddings that exceed my client’s expectations…”

Melinda Gill, Luxus Events

NS: “Melinda, I’m fascinated to know what your typical day looks like?!”

MG: “Usually, I have a busy schedule filled with meetings, vendor coordination, and planning – thankfully, I have an incredible team to keep me on track. To stay at the top of my game, I prioritize my daily routine and continuously strive to expand my knowledge while maintaining my physical and mental well-being. Typically, my mornings start with spending time with my daughter Sophia – my little wake-up call. Following that, I make sure to exercise; maintining my physical fitness is paramount, so I never compromise on it. The remainder of my day may involve attending meetings, reviewing design plans, or traveling for work. When I’m not working, I love to draw or experiment with new food recipes in the kitchen…”

Family is most important to me, so I prioritize spending quality time with my husband Jai and our daughter Sophia, cherishing precious moments and relishing the simple joys life has to offer…”

Melinda Gill, Luxus Events

NS: ”I’m super-impressed by the execution of your gorgeous events… what would you say is your USP as an event planner and designer?”

MG: ”Thank you! The private events I curate are delivered with a special focus on the vision of my clients; when it comes to weddings, my top priority is to ensure that the couple’s personalities are reflected in every aspect of the occasion. I pay close attention to every element of the design – from the colour scheme to the flowers and decor – to ensure that everything is just as the couple originally imagined. However, more than anything, I make an effort to provide a ‘stress-free’ experience for my clients, so they can relax and enjoy their special day without any concerns… for me, event planning is more than just a job, it’s a passion. I love bringing joy to my clients and creating memories that will last a lifetime!”

Every client I’ve had the privilege of working with is truly wonderful, and I learn so much from each of them… some give me a new vision, while others challenge me to think outside of the box…”

Melinda Gill, Luxus Events

NS: ”How did you first gain experience in wedding design? It’s a huge responsibility and it requires the designer to be incredibly organised in addition to having the qualities of being cool, calm and creative…”

MG: ”For me, it all began as a liking for art, igniting my love for fashion and architectural design. Soon, I developed an innate curiosity for creating unforgettable experiences and I wanted to bring people’s ideas to life. In high school, I honed my skills as a professional sketch artist and worked with discerning brands such as Harrods. However, it wasn’t until I founded my own concierge company that I realized my true calling: creating exceptional weddings and events…”

I’m proud to cater to a global community of clients which is aiming for an experience that is nothing short of extraordinary…”

Melinda Gill, Luxus Events

NS: ”What would you say is your typical client profile?”

MG: ”I’ve had the pleasure of working with an exclusive clientele across diverse backgrounds and cultures… our clients are generally high-net-worth individuals and esteemed figures who value sophistication, top-quality service and elegance. For our clients, aesthetics and design are paramount and they crave a visually-stunning celebration that reflects their unique personality and vision. As a seasoned wedding planner, I understand the importance of flawless execution, and our clients appreciate that they can relax and enjoy their special day knowing that we have everything covered…”

The happiness of my client is my greatest reward – there’s nothing more fulfilling than seeing their face light up with joy and excitement as they experience the event we’ve created for them…”

Melinda Gill, Luxus Events

NS: ”What does event production entail, in your experience?”

MG: ”As both a wedding planner and event designer, my work requires me to be a ’jack of all trades’! I work tirelessly with my clients to understand their vision and create a bespoke event experience tailored to their tastes… at the heart of my work is creating a cohesive design concept that captures the essence of my client’s story. I blend style and elegance seamlessly, and with my commitment to excellence, I leave no stone unturned in creating an experience that is nothing short of magical and, at the end of the day, my client’s happiness is my greatest reward – there’s nothing more fulfilling than seeing a client’s face light up with joy and excitement as they experience the event we’ve created for them. It’s incredibly rewarding to witness a project come to life and exceed their expectations…”

By researching, observing, experimenting, and trusting the artist within, I’ve gained extensive experience in the industry and continuously stay ahead of the latest trends through various workshops and conferences; each project presents a new opportunity for me to put my skills to the test and create something unimaginable. Whether it’s transforming a private estate or building an entirely new event venue from the ground up, I’m always inspired by the endless possibilities of each unique project – and I believe my curiosity and passion have brought me to this stage…”

Melinda Gill, Luxus Events

NS: ”Where do your projects take place? Are they typically staged in the UK or do you work on destination projects as well..?”

MG: ”My projects take place all over the world! I’ve been lucky to have been to some amazing locations around the globe… from opulent European castles and sprawling private estates to stunning custom-built venues, I have witnessed it all! As a passionate traveller, I’m always looking for unique and exciting locations to add to our portfolio, so that we can continue providing our clients with unparalleled, memorable, and exciting event experiences…”

From scouting the most exquisite vendors and venues to orchestrating to perfection every element of my client’s special day, I take care of it all…”

Melinda Gill, Luxus Events

NS: ”Suppliers are key to pulling together an event so I always like to direct my attention to them and give them some credit; which suppliers are most important to you?”

MG: ”I’ve cultivated a network of best-in-class suppliers who we rely on to help bring our client’s visions to life… from florists to caterers, photographers to lighting and production teams, we have a range of trusted vendors. I handpick each vendor to ensure they’re the perfect fit for our clients and their unique wedding styles, allowing us to execute every detail of our client’s weddings seamlessly…”

When a client works with us, they’re not only getting one designer’s vision; they’re getting a whole team of talented professionals dedicated to making their special day unforgettable with their innovative insights, complementing the client’s own ideas…”

Melinda Gill, Luxus Events

NS: ”What would you say has been your most challenging project, to date?”

MG: ”Each project has challenges, teaching me new lessons and testing my creativity, however one project that made me rethink everything I had known about my work was during the pandemic… we were tasked with planning a wedding on an island – and with only a few months to make it happen. We had to overcome some major obstacles – the venue was changed, so we had to restructure the timeline and logistics. Transportation of items became a logistical nightmare, requiring private boat charters. Despite the hurdles, I comforted the couple and guaranteed them an unforgettable wedding. Thankfully, they loved the outcome and I was so proud of the end result!”

NS: “Finally, Melinda, which special event location in the world is your personal favourite, so far?”

MG: ”I’ve had the privilege of working at so many stunning venues around the world – from lush countryside to vibrant cities and it’s so difficult to choose just one! Each venue opens up a new part of my heart and soul; I get to experience beauty in a never-before-felt manner. However, one location still touches the cords of my heart… I’ve visited it quite a few times and every time, I am stunned. It’s beauty awes me – the bright blue sea, the magnificent architecture, the greenery – it’s a piece straight from heaven: It’s the Amalfi Coast…”

To all those planning a grand event in the future, I want you to remember that having fun and enjoying your day is the first step…don’t let the list of tasks stress you out and take away the glory of celebrations. Instead, focus on cherishing the planning days – the dress design, the venue colours, the décor – everything can represent you – your love, your essence…”

Melinda Gill, Luxus Events


MELINDA’S PERSONAL STYLE:As a planner and designer, what I wear is observed closely so I choose each outfit carefully, making sure it exudes confidence, professionalism, and class. My typical attire for a client meeting is a fashion-forward outfit, representing the luxury aesthetics of my brand. I love neutral hues and clean lines which are embodied by my favourite designers such as Gabriela Hurst, Veronica Beard, Max Mara, and Joseph. Each of my outfits is elevated with sophisticated yet elegant accessories in the form of earrings and handbags; I ensure that my outfit makes me look and feel good so I can present my best self to the clients. My handbag is always packed with essentials… in addition to the standard notebook, pen, headphones and phone charger, I have an emergency kit with items like band-aids, stain remover, and safety pins. I always make sure to have a hydrating tinted lip balm such as Chanel Rouge Coco Baume in my handbag and protein bars on hand to keep me fuelled throughout the long day. I also keep a powder or blotting sheets on hand for quick touch-ups and choose a tinted gloss that I can apply without needing a mirror…”

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