Since establishing her company in 2009, Rebecca Marsala’s focus has been to create the most breathtaking florals for weddings and events; her clients adore and appreciate the splendour and fleeting beauty of florals and the way they impact any space for any occasion. 

Confident in Rebecca’s discretion, her clients include Bafta Award winners, members of the nobility, celebrated sports stars, musicians and social media influencers – not forgetting discerning floral enthusiasts who simply love her designs. 

Here’s an insight into Rebecca’s themes for Summer 2023 and a gallery of her floral highlights; for more see the website, blog and Instagram:

C&B: “Rebecca, your floral arrangements are very feminine and pretty – which other designers inspire your work?”

RM: “That would be Joseph Massie, Paula Rooney and Nikki Tibbles of ‘Wild At Heart’…”

C&B: “What themes are you currently implementing most often during 2023?”

RM: “‘Meadow-style’ displays, which are wild and wonderful incorporating tonal colours… for example, hues of orange, coral, peach and nude. Alternatively, we’re producingarrangements with a vibrant mix of blue, pink, yellow and orange florals, all mixed together to create a natural look…”

C&B: “Which flowers are personal favourites of yours?”

RM: “My favourites change with the season – for winter and early spring I love anemone and ranunculus, during late spring it has to be peonies, summer delphiniums and hydrangea; late summer/early autumn dahlia dreaming…!”

C&B: “What has been your most prestigious project so far?”

RM: “I’ve worked on some incredible weddings and some private work but I can’t discuss the details due to NDAs, however I adored a wedding we styled last summer at Cliveden House – it was classically beautiful and elegant…”

C&B: “How much lead time do you require on a floral design project?”

RM: “It really depends what the project is – a bouquet can be delivered the same day, a wedding can require anything from two months through to two years advance notice…”

C&B: “What would be your dream job or who would be your dream client?

RM: “I’d love to create florals for the fashion brand ‘Chloe’ – I adore their chic style and view them as a mirror of my own brand, but within the fashion world…”


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