INTRO BY NICKY SUMMER: An Italian wedding sounds like a dream – and there are so many romantic locations within the one country… there’s the glamour of Rome, the grandeur of Venezia, the uplifting and nostalgic vibe of the Amalfi Coast plus the relaxed, romantic charm of Tuscany. Which would you choose? Rome-based destination wedding planner Roberta Torresan is the founder of Wedding Planners Pro, the first wedding organisation business school in Italy which has been responsible for teaching upcoming wedding planners since back in 2014, and her team organises between 15 and 20 events per year across the country – offering a premium ‘full service’ to only a select number of couples. The Roberta Torresan ‘Annual Event’ is one of the most highly anticipated and appreciated events in the Italian wedding industry; here we discuss how Roberta initially got into wedding design…

ABOVE: Two glamorous occasions organised by Roberta Torresan

ABOVE: Rome (left) and Tuscany (right) – which location would you choose?

Our Awards include ’Europe’s TOP wedding planner 2022’ presented by Weddings & Honeymoons; ‘Best Wedding Planner 2021’ presented by ELLE International Bridal Awards and ‘Best Wedding Planner in Europe 2019’ presented by Weddings & Honeymoons…”

Roberta Torresan

ABOVE: Sourcing an historical building for a wedding is a forte of Roberta’s team

NS: ”I’m intrigued as to why you set up your weddings company – how did it first come about?”

RT: ”I used to be a retail real estate manager, and managing events for large audiences was one of my favourite tasks… one day I decided to take advantage of my experience and start my own business in the wedding industry – and I did that from the scratch!” 

NS: ”That was a very brave move in a highly competitive arena; how did you find your first clients and what is their typical profile?”

RT: “My clients come mainly from the US, the UK and the Middle East, and they prefer a big wedding with hundreds of guests – a multiple days event – they’re very demanding and they’re used to having the best of the best…”

We tend to manage a maximum of 15/20 weddings, depending on how much effort they require. We also manage a larger number of weddings with our local planners across the country..”

Roberta Torresan

ABOVE: Large scale weddings by Roberta Torresan have been covered by the luxury press

My latest wedding was published across 6 pages of editorial coverage in ‘The Real Wedding Magazine’…”

Roberta Torresan

NS: ”Which Italian venues and locations are your clients most drawn to, and why?”

RT: ”There are many amazing locations to choose from for a memorable wedding in Italy, however our clients prefer Portofino, Rome, Amalfi Coast, Sorrento and, of course, Rome! They generally specify a venue with a stunning view that features art, antiquities and ancient architecture – and also fine food – all within the warm climate that Italy offers…”

ABOVE: Whether a central city wedding or a rustic celebration, Roberta is the expert!

NS: “The organisation of a wedding on that scale with hundreds of guests would sound overwhelming to most! Which has been your most challenging occasion, and why?”

RT: ”My most recent wedding was a huge wedding – held over two consecutive nights – for more than 600 guests. We had to install a marquee of more than 1000 square meters, with heating, toilets and wardrobe service – it was a challenge but in the end it was such a successful event it earned the cover of a magazine!”

NS: ”Congratulations, Roberta! I know from my own experience that as well as organisational skills, any planner is really only as good as their suppliers – which do you regularly have work with you alongside your own team?”

RT: ”We select the most professional vendors in each Italian region, and we do work only within the best venues; nonetheless, we’re open to collaborating with new suppliers and we often involve international artists and photographers – all in accordance with the expectations of our clients…”


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