Here Andrea Bassi of Italian restaurant ‘Mamalù’ in London offers what the Valentine’s celebration means to him and why Italy is considered to be the most romantic country in the world…

“Mamalù offers an unforgettable Valentine’s dinner experience with a specially crafted 8-course tasting menu featuring aphrodisiac ingredients and a sip of champagne or rosè bubbles. While romantic songs play in the background, each table is adorned with red roses, and every lady receives a mimosa flower as a symbol of love…”

“At Mamalù, the food hails primarily from Italy, especially the coastal regions for fresh seafood delights; I believe that Italy’s unique geography plays a significant role in why Italian cuisine and wines are often considered the most seductive. Italy’s peninsula, surrounded by coastlines and mountains, offers diverse ingredients that inspire chefs and winemakers to create dishes that captivate the sense. Our wine selection features the best of Italy and France…”

“One of my favourite pieces of Italian music is ‘Con te partirò’ by Andrea Bocelli (below); this timeless classic evokes romance and longing, making it perfect for Valentine’s Day. It’s heartfelt lyrics and melody symbolise the eternal bond between lovers…”

“My favourite romantic destination within Italy would have to be Sicily… nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean, Sicily boasts a unique blend of cultures from Spain, Greece, North Africa, and Italy, creating a captivating fusion of flavours, architecture, and traditions…”

“My favourite Italian movie on a romantic theme would have to be ‘La Dolce Vita (below).’ Directed by the iconic Federico Fellini, this timeless classic beautifully captures the essence of romance amidst the backdrop of 1960s Rome. Romance is a synergy with who we are and who we aspire to be; the spark ignites passion, connection, and growth, enriching our lives with vitality and joy…”

“While romance is a central theme of our Valentine’s Day celebrations, Mamalù is also focused on broader goals and objectives as a company. We’re dedicated to growth and expansion and are currently eyeing a new location in central London. Furthermore, our mission remains unchanged: to offer the most seductive cuisine with the highest quality seafood and ingredients…”


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